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How can a week go by so fast!

The last four days are a blur. I know I spent most of Monday working on making a brochure for work. I also started on a policy and training manual. I worked part of Wednesday, too, on work.


Tuesday, I cooked for a funeral. I made a Spanish Turkey (pulled out a frozen one at 9:30 in the morning) when I found out. I also made rice and took green beans, enchiladas, and poppy seed bread.


Monday evening, I had Maria take chicken and rice soup to one family and poppy seed bread to two other people.


Rebeca has strep throat and stayed home Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I had to find a sitter so I could go to a meeting on Tuesday. Wednesday, I dragged her to the Driver's License Bureau and tag agency before we went to the doctor. Then I found out she had strep and now feel guilty for taking her with me.


She went with me to take my mom to her hair appointment today, but we didn't get out of the car.


Elizabeth and I went to get groceries yesterday afternoon, before the 3 teens went to church. On Monday, I forgot to pick up Felipe from church.


Today I cleaned and did laundry and Tony, my eldest comes tonight...yea!


Monday, for dinner, I found a piece of ham in the freezer that was there about one year. I cut it up into little pieces and cooked it in some oil. Then I took 5 potatoes that were in the bottom of the fridge and old.


I peeled them and diced them and then cooked them with the ham in the oil. When they were soft, I added 10 eggs and scrambled them all together.


We call this dish, "Green Eggs and Ham" after the Dr. Seuss book. My father would cook every Sunday evening and this was one of his dishes (although, sometimes it did not have ham).


Apparently, when we were very young, we did not want to eat it. Finally, one evening, we tried it--and viola--we liked it!


It is an easy, cheap dish to make and is great with ketchup on it.


Tuesday, we ate the turkey that was on the bones that I had not taken to the funeral with rice and corn.


Wednesday, they were on their own, and tonight I made spaghetti. I did not have Ragu sauce so I opened a can of tomato sauce from Sam's and seasoned it with onion, garlic powder, Italian seasonings (I added some more oregano).


I cut some bolio bread in half, buttered it, sprinkled garlic salt on it and toasted it in the oven.

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