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Green Eggs and Ham...Arabian horses.

Well, we are snowed in again. We didn’t have school yesterday or today as another snowstorm came in to Oklahoma. We still have wood to burn and the electricity is on, so we are enjoying our break.


I, actually was lazy yesterday, and read a book, spent time just surfing on the Internet, and watching movies. Fito cooked dinner, which was nice.


Today, I woke up early and have been working like crazy. Doing laundry, general cleaning, doing taxes for the children, working on my training classes, paying bills, and so on.


Sunday, after church, I made homemade ice cream and Travis made brownies. For some reason, the ice cream never got thick. I went ahead and froze it and now we have been using it to make milk shakes in the blender.


I also made Green Eggs and Ham. First, let me explain. My Father cooked dinner on Sunday afternoons. He had three to four different dishes that he cooked and fried potatoes mixed with scrambled eggs was one of them.


When my older siblings were very young, he would try to get them to eat this dish, but they would go ewww at it and not even try it. Finally, one Sunday afternoon, my oldest sister, Shannon, was persuaded to take a bite.


She liked it!


Then Heather and Dennis tried it…and they liked it!


From that time on, my Dad called it, “Green Eggs and Ham.”


3-4 large potatoes

5 eggs

1 slice of onion

Salt and pepper to taste

Oil (or bacon grease)



In a skillet, add 2-3 Tablespoons of oil or bacon grease. Add the slice of onion (it can be chopped or in slices, whatever you prefer).


Chop the potatoes into small bite-size pieces and add them to the onion and oil. Cook them all on medium heat until the potatoes are soft.


In another bowl, whisk the eggs, add salt and pepper and if you want (1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce). When I am in a hurry, I just crack the eggs on top of the potatoes and stir them in. Pour the egg mixture over the cooked potatoes and stir until the eggs are cooked.


We eat them with Ketchup on top.


It is a quick, easy, and cheap meal. In addition, children do like it…once they are persuaded to try it!



Monday, February 7, was a crazy day. I taught a class in the morning, came home and gathered what I need for my evening cooking class, drove to Tinker and did assessments, then stopped at Sam’s to get some groceries, then home to drop off stuff, then to the college to teach my class.


Also, after school, Thunder broke loose again and the children had to go round him up!


Fito teaches Spanish at the same time, therefore, we went together. He helped me unload everything. We made Pupusas, so there was a lot of equipment. I also made enough of the meat mixture that we have had Pupusas two times more in the week.


It was an enjoyable class, and we ate and visited. That has to be the best subject to teach. I don’t have to give homework or tests, no work to grade, no grades to worry about, and such.


Tuesday, I woke up at 5:30 am and made a large batch (19 loaves) of Poppy Seed bread. I then went to teach my morning class and then I went to Cromwell, Oklahoma to visit some friends. I took bread to work and on the visit, but my Cromwell friends blest me even more than I blest them.


This is an older couple that buys out of stock merchandise and then gives it away to help individuals. They gave me school supplies, food, and other items. What a great asset they are to the community.


I visited another friend in the area that raises Arabian horses. She just had a heart attack...only two weeks ago, but was doing really well. Incredibly, she is going to Arizona in two weeks to try to sell a very unique and valuable horse. She has raised Grand National champions and the horses on her place are just magnificent. It is a beautiful horse ranch and that part of Oklahoma is amazingly beautiful.


I came home and we unpacked the car. I had to take Felipe and David to the clinic as they had stayed home from school. They both had pink eye. We then went to the pharmacy and home.


We didn’t get home until 8 pm and then brought wood in before the storm hit. Watched a movie in front of a warm fire…microwave popcorn…nice life.


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