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Get a mirror-- look at your rear...

Okay everyone. I have blogged about this before, but no one seems to be listening.

I have attended two different conferences recently, one in Oklahoma and the other in Kansas City, Missouri. The conferences were put on by different organizations, however, both required dressing nicely, i.e., professionally.

On my website, I have a link: Dress Professional. If you are not sure what that means go and look. I also have a link for Etiquette.

So why am I telling people to get a mirror? I am absolutely convinced that a large majority of people do not have full length mirrors in their homes. Nor do they understand that you need to face that mirror backwards while using another hand-held mirror to look at your outfit from the rear. (And carry a small mirror to use at the store before you buy that horrid pair of pants that makes you look 12 pounds heavier).

Why am I convinced? Because I know many of these individuals, and they would be appalled to know what they look like. I know they want to look their best and dress attractively.

But at these two conferences I saw women showing panty lines, bulges from camisoles or under garments, seams of their underwear, and so on.

Worse, I saw way too much cellulite and behind dimples. 

I saw one woman as she entered the doorway and the sun streamed through, show absolutely everything underneath. The fabric of her dress was very sheer and what was okay in office light suddenly told all in sunlight.

When you buy an outfit, shirt, skirt, etc. Put your hand inside the fabric. Can you see your hand through the fabric? Then we will be able to see your bra, your panties, your cellulite, plus other things we do not want to see unless you wear something under it that is thicker.

Also, popular right now is this thin stretchy material. Be careful ladies, whether it is yoga pants, a skirt, or a dress. If it is too thin (although, not sheer) it is still clingy and we can see your love handles, the bulges of fat on your back, any under garments, and way more then we care to see.

Can you not understand that by wearing structured clothing instead of clingy clothing that you hide all these imperfections? An a-line skirt with seams that is lined and of a thicker fabric will give you a smooth rear with no bulges or moon other look thinner when you dress modestly...and who doesn't want to look better?

Also, I do not want to know what kind of underwear you have on...guys or gals...bend over before you go out....check and see if you're hanging out...NO. I am not interested in boxers versus briefs, your back hair, your crack, your new thong, your love handles, and so forth.

I am tired of having to divert my eyes or being sickened just because you picked up something. 

Any guys? Arm pits are seldom attractive. Wear a shirt. And wear a shirt with sleeves. And no, I do not want to see your chest peeking out any more than I want to see that ladies' breasts bulging out. Please cover yourselves. Button up your shirts.

And speaking of buttons ladies. Use a safety pin to pin openings on button up shirts so we don't see your bra from the side.

Also, if you wear a sheer top or a top with sheer sleeves. Get that mirror and check the back. Many times the front is covered but you are showing us lace, your bra, and bulges in the back or at the top of your sleeves.

A full length mirror will also help you to know if your skirt or dress is long enough. Look at the slit in the back or side of the skirt. Are you showing any under garments? A slip or a girdle?

Just one more pet peeve. If I am more than 20 feet away and I can tell you are wearing foundation; it is on too thick. You are not on not wear it that thick. Make up is to enhance, not to glob on. Look at the most beautiful women you know with the most beautiful skin. You have to be really close to them before you can tell that they are wearing something.

Subtle is a lost word and a lost art in today's world. People are like bill boards that are loud, raucous, and scream: Here am I, don't you think I'm sexy?

But if you go back to some of the most "sexy" women or men of all time; they were subtle, demure, and amazingly modest. How sexy is Cary Grant in a suit, or even Audrey Hepburn in a suit?

Is it necessary to show everything? Is that really more attractive to let it all hang out? (even in your conversations?)

Just think about it...and please, please buy a mirror.

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