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Garage Sale and new mailbox.

Another week goes by and as always, I have more to do than I have time to do it. Last Saturday, we had a garage sale and actually, it went very well. We made about $250 in cash and we have a new mailbox.

Let me explain. Three Spanish men came to the sale and were very interested in a small motorcycle we had. Fito spoke with them for some time and then decided on a trade.

They then spent the rest of the day building a mailbox. Fito had to go and buy some cement blocks. We already had cement, rocks, and a mail box. They already had sand and bricks.  It took most of the day for them to build it and it is very sturdy. No one should be able to knock this one over or bang it up, which is what happened to our last one.

It is incredible, but there are people that go around and vandalize mail boxes for the fun of it. I don’t understand such behavior. I think some of these other countries are correct in having harsher penalties for such things.

I am putting a picture of it, but it is not completely done…where there is just cement—will have stucco to match our house. The rock too, is the same as what we have on our house. The picture doesn’t show it, but there are two rows of rock.

The rock is from the garden I am removing. I almost have all the plants out of it. I worked on the garden while I was watching the garage sale, and actually did quite a bit. Of course, for the next few days, I could feel it in my muscles. The joy of getting older.

After I closed the sale, I went in and prepared the mixture for Pupusas and made 20 loaves of Poppy Seed Bread. The bread came out absolutely perfect. I hadn’t made it for maybe six weeks and forgot how great it is.

We had my Vietnamese students from a class come over on Sunday. We had all kinds of great food. They brought Shrimp rolls, a chicken and cabbage salad, a type of apple cake, a drink made out of barley and shavings of a tuberous root, steamed rice and shrimp….yummy…really good food.

I have really enjoyed their food, their art, their culture, and their friendship.

It was a perfect day, not hot, not cold. We walked down to the dock, took pictures, got to know each other’s families. They really liked the hammocks under the porch and down by the lake. They said it made them feel as though they were in Vietnam again.

Tomorrow, we are having students over from more classes. I went ahead and invited all the classes. I decided if we are going to entertain again, why not just have everyone over?

I need to go to the store and buy things to make some more bread and to make more Pupusas. But I am not in the mood to go. I just want to work on the gardens while the weather is so perfect.

I am going to put the Garage Sale signs out again when I come back from the store and leave them out until tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, we will make some more money.

Maria and Travis still have stuff left over, too, that they need to sell.

We have also been working each day to take out Sand Burrs (sticker plants) out of the yard. This property has so many of them. Each year we spray in the spring, and pull out plants in the fall. Little by little we are eradicating them, but it is a slow process.

I still have my cough, but it is better. It doesn’t keep me up at night any more, but when I am tired, it grows worse. But I am thankful that I do not have allergies like some do. It would be frustrating to live like this chronically.

I have been very blessed with my health and strength and the capacity to be able to accomplish things. It is my hope and prayer that those who are ill may be made whole.

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