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Friday morning

I am at class again, writing this while waiting for students to come. I have to cook today. All three of the youngest children asked me this morning if I was going to cook today.

I even want good homemade food. Junk and processed foods just don't do your body good. I can feel the energy drain that not eating right has wagered.

I put some chicken breasts out this morning and plan to grill them and make some Spanish rice this afternoon. I also have dishes and laundry waiting and I am so far behind on my work projects that I do not even know how I will finish everything.

I will, though. I always do. And everything always works out.

It is raining today, which is good because this part of Oklahoma is in a drought and our lake is extremely dry. if we don't get a significant amount of rain soon, our lake will dry out this summer. It has never been this low (while we have lived here).

I have to go and start class. Have a great day.


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