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Food storage question


A friend recently ask me how to get started on food storage and where and what to buy, this was my answer:

I buy most of my bulk items at Sam's or Costco's. They are cheaper than other places, and then I buy canned goods when they go on sale, usually at places like Sav-a-lot or Aldi's.


I buy Sanalac Powdered Milk (I think it tastes the best) In OKC Grider's was the cheapest. People buy (I think it is called Moo Milk) a product that they say tastes good. Well of course it tastes well, it has a huge amount of sugar in it.


Which would be okay for storage and as a supplement, but should not take the place of powdered milk and would not be suitable for baking.


A church I was visiting in Dallas did a bulk order from Emergency Essentials so I was able to get a better price through them. (I really did not have the money at the time, but I did it anyway, and then paid my cell phone bill late...)


Mainly, I know prices and when I see a good price I buy all I can at that moment, even if it means skipping on the rest of my groceries that month.


For example, during the ice storm when eggs were not available, Walmart marked down the brownie mixes to 90 cents each. I bought 2 cases of brownie mix that night.


I am not fancy about storing items.


There is one type of container that has a snap on lid that I really like and a couple of years ago I was at a garage sale and I bought 11 large plastic containers.They were maybe 40 gallons? The man said they had sucrose (a sugar) in them and that they were from a vitamin company. They had a great, easy to use lid and I put water in six of them and have other foods in the rest. 


There is no reason to go and spent lots of money on fancy products.  Just buy and my motto.


Before we lived in a big house, I hid food under beds, in the linen closet, the bathrooms, under table cloths, in china cabinets (on the lower part), in cabinets, the garage, the attic, etc.


Maybe they weren't ideal, but hey, having food to eat is more important than waiting for the ideal conditions in which to store it. 



I have been working more and it is more difficult to manage my time, but as always, I reset my priorities, perhaps let go of something and then keep plugging along.


I am working Thursdays all day now, so I am paying maria to take my mom to her hair appointment.


I think it will be a good arrangement for us all.I have not been able to sleep, though, due to ideas about a project that keep popping into my head.


The ideas are great and I love being the recipient of such...but sleep is so crucial. I fell asleep while waiting for David after school. Then when I took him to Sonic to get a drink, I fell asleep waiting for the order.


The lady told me, hey, you do not get to nap unless I do.


I did sleep through the night, last night, but woke up at 5 am...much, much better than waking up at 2 am and not being able to sleep.


I have an extremely long day and even have a Managing Generations Seminar tonight...but at the same time, teaching and training people invigorates it drains you...I don't know how to really explain it.

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