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Flea markets, elephants, and the blahs...

Time just keeps plugging along and I am always behind it. I just never seem to be able to do what I would like to do. An appointment comes along, someone is sick or someone has a need and what I was going to do that day or evening is put on hold while I take care of life.

We are all in the same boat, floating along on this ocean we call life, sometimes the seas are peaceful, sometimes we are hit with huge waves, nonetheless, we keep afloat, try to do the best we can and keep trying to reach our destination.

I have been in a very reflective mood all week. Last Friday we went to a church meeting for the youth and I wrote two different poems during the meeting. One was about Jesus Christ and the other about Fito and I.  

When poems come to you, you have to write them down quickly or you will lose them. These came in phases and now I need to work on putting it all together in the right order so that the lines flow.

Saturday, we had a perfectly delightful day. Fito, Rebeca, and I woke up early and went to the flea market. It was windy, but that is just part of living in Oklahoma.

My hat blew away several times and Rebeca would chase after it. I decided to buy a scarf, cut it in half, and sew the two pieces to the inside brim then I can tie it. Fito has taken leather straps and put them in other hats, but I do not like the feel of the leather.

We did really well. I guess you could say luck was on our side today. First of all, we stopped at a garage sale that a church was having and found a beautiful oval mirror in a base made of Maple. We bought it for $20. The base has 3 narrow shelves. We just need to find a narrow hall or entry table to set it on. Maria is going to use it in her house for her entry way.

We also bought a matted and framed picture of an elephant. The frame is a gold bamboo. We bought an elephant table a few months ago at a thrift store, so this picture will go great with it in our living room. The picture was $5.

At the flea market, we found a double stroller for Maria. It was an Eddie Bauer which is a nice brand. It is in good shape and opens and closes easily. We paid $37. (Double strollers new are around $150-300).

We also found a small plastic car for Alexander for $12. I also bought two kerosene lamps for $25, Fito found large spool of weed-eater string, $25 and an old antique vise, $75. We also bought a wood bench, $10; a pogo stick, $15, and some other small items.

We went to two different flea markets and a couple of garage sales and just found treasure after treasure…and at the right price, too!

Several months ago, Maria, Rebeca and I spent one whole day going to different thrift stores looking for a double stroller. The cheapest one we saw was $189. And this one was $37! Wow!

Then this past Saturday, we went to the Oklahoma City Art Festival. It is one of the premier art festivals and is always a neat place to go. It was cold and rainy earlier in the week and Thursday, when it was finally nice, we could not go because I had a service project at the church.

Saturday, it was so crowded that it wasn’t as enjoyable. Maria went with her baby and Alexander and it was hard to maneuver the stroller among the crowd. Then we had insisted that David go (Felipe came on his own) and of course, they were complaining about the whole thing.

We finally left, bought some pizza, and headed to Maria’s house.

This past week, I de-cluttered some of the rooms which is always a good feeling. But I have really had the blahs lately. I have had such a nagging, almost depressing mood of not being able to accomplish what I want to accomplish. I keep looking at my schedule to try to see what I can delete from it to give me more time, but it doesn’t happen.

I know what it is: I have a book in my head (on Critical Thinking) and if I do not spend the time to let all the thoughts come out…I will go crazy.

This is a personality function or dis-function of creative people. We can only go for so long with those thoughts in our head, but the point comes when you have to make time to allow the creativity to express itself.

When I was working on my dissertation, I would “disappear” for 2-3 days at a time. I need to do that again, for when I stay at home, something always comes up that I have to take care of.

Like right now, I am home alone writing…but I need to go to my mom’s room to bathe her and clean her potty, etc.

Oh well, someday, my home will truly be empty (hummm…will it?) and I will probably not know what to do with all that time. At least that is what people tell me, but I do not believe them for a second, because I have enough books in my head, and projects planned, and places to go, and people to visit; to last three lifetimes.

I tell my children, if you are bored in this incredible, wonderful world…well…that’s your fault.

May each of us be blessed with enough crazy projects to keep us busy till the day we die. (My hope is I die in my garden…or with my husband as in the movie “The Notebook”.)

But my prayer, too, is that we may have the wisdom to say “no” to some of those projects and take the time to meditate, ponder, smell the new rain, look at a Harvest Moon, count leaves on clover, and lie on a blanket on the grass, and enjoy the earth, our loved ones, and all the blessings we enjoy.

Rebeca's feet and Alexander. Alexander loves balls more than anything else. I was baby-siting him and Greyson one evening and he did not want to watch, Mickey Mouse Club. I switched it to basketball and he was happy.

then the researcher in me decided to see what other sports with balls he liked. No to that because it's not a ball? Tennis was so, so. Football, yes, but his greatest reaction was to golf. He oohed and aahed as the ball sailed through the air, and clapped his hand when they hit it.

Isabella pulling all the tissues out of a box. She is definitely a Sagastizado...well...her dad or uncles would then have tried to flush all of them down the toilet to "hide" the maybe she is a better model...

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