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Fito's invention

It is Monday afternoon and I have taught two classes today. I started a new training program today. It looks like it will be a great class. The employees are all educated and have a real desire to complete this training...and desire is a necessary drive of success.


Right now, I am sitting outside a Panera Bread using their wireless, while I am waiting to meet with the tax accountant. I have about 15 minutes to kill. I had forgotten how great a laptop could be. I am so glad I bought this laptop.


Yesterday, after church we went to visit a neighbor that had bought a gas powered drill and drilled his own water well. He is going to lend us the drill and mentor us through the process so we plan to drill a well this spring or summer.


This neighbor always is so fascinating to visit. he also pans for gold, knows everything there is to know about emergency preparedness, and a variety of other subjects.


We had the missionaries for dinner yesterday. We had seafood leftovers, chili leftover, and Fito took the leftover chicken from yesterday and added sliced potatoes, broccoli, and a can of cream of mushroom soup to it. Wow, his invention came out really good! And we also had the rice he had made yesterday. I also made the blond brownies from

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