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Fish with the head on it.

Thursday and Friday I worked all day. Thursday after work, I came home and made Pizza and then went to watch some TV. I kept falling asleep, so I finally just went to bed. It was the first time in over three weeks that I had slept more than six hours at a time.


Friday morning, I woke up a new person. Thursday, I had been dragging, had a fever blister, a sore throat, and felt bad. Friday, everything felt better and the world was brighter. my training sessions were incredible on Friday. It is always fulfilling when you know you have had a good session.


I could write a whole article on the benefits of sleep. I used to work at a company where we would work through the night each week to make a deadline. Then a new owner insisted we go home and sleep for at least six hours.


Guess what, we still made the deadline! I learned a great lesson about how important sleep is and how sometimes we feel we have to keep plugging along, but we really are not effective when we are tired. We need to send ourselves and our employees home, get some rest, then come back with new energy to complete the task.


Friday morning at 8 am, we met with the private independent adjuster on the home damage. Monday afternoon is when our insurance company's adjuster comes. The independent adjuster is pricey


Friday after work, Rebeca called and begged me to take her to look for toys for her birthday. Fito and I took her out to eat at a Spanish restaurant so she could have fish...the way Grandma Nena makes it.


That means Mojara (Talapia) fried...with the head still on it. She is like her father. she really likes seafood.


We ate and then went to Toys R Us and let her look at the toys. We bought two new games and a couple of toys for her. She has some doll houses and picked out some furniture and a rabbit family to use with th doll house.


Saturday, we arose early as our church was planning another work day. I put two turkeys in roast pans and made rice and beans. We also had chips and salsa to feed the workers.


I went to get ice for the cooler, drop off movies from Redbox, and had to take my tower to the computer place in OKC. When I came home on Friday, it had crashed BIG time. Windows would not open up, and the recovery disk would not work. I could not even use the F buttons to check out BIOS or try system recovery or restore...and of course I need a project that is on that computer that i had not sent to my laptop.


When am I going to learn! To save everything. I tried one of the online backups previously, but our Internet is so slow that it kept stopping the backup at night. I guess I need to try a different company or set it up to backup automatically to another hard drive.



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