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Finished Emma.

Tuesday, I got up around 6:15, worked on the computer, did the morning routine, then sat down to read the rest of my book, Emma.


I kept getting phone calls of things I needed to take care of. Then I was on the last 10 pages of the book and the door bell rang. I was still in my pajamas!


I peeked out the window and it was my Mom's visiting teachers. These are two ladies from our church that come to visit and check in on my Mom each month.


I let them in and we went down to my Mom's section. She was asleep (it was 12:30 pm) and woke her up. I stayed for the visit and it was really nice as always.(As we all like to talk politics, too.)


I then went to take a bath and finished my book in there. What a great book! It doesn't matter that I am almost 50. I still want the boy to meet the girl and fall in love. I must say, though, that my view point has sure changed since I was a teenager and last read these books. I can now see why Mr. Knightly and Emma were such a good match. Why their chances for success would be so much greater as their families, education, values, principles, and so forth were so equally developed.


Now it was 2 pm and I had to really get busy. I did a batch of clothes and started a pot of water to boil. I also had leftover beans from one of the fund raiser lunches that we hadn't eaten. I took them and put them into quart jars. I still also had some leftover de-boned chicken. I put some of it in pint jars. I processed the jars and cooked some egg noodles.


I then heated up the chicken in a skillet, then added it, and two cans of cream of mushroom soap to the cooked egg noodles. Sort of a Chicken and Noodles supper. I added salt and pepper. The chicken had seasonings from when I had cooked it before and there was broth, too, so it was really good.


The children came home on the bus. I went to go and pick up Felipe from his class. When I got back, Fito and I took the Suburban to the city to leave it for repairs. It appears that it is the differential and it is a 4 X 4, so it will not be a cheap repair.


On the way home, we stopped at Aldi's to get some groceries. We then went to KFC/Taco Bell and made an order for tomorrow. He is going to try bringing in fast food at lunch as a fund raiser.


We then went home. I was going to take the girls to the library, but now it was too late. We put away the groceries and I wiped down the shelves of the outside refrigerator. Felipe had been watching an old John Wayne movie so Fito joined him. I did the dishes, put away the food. I started to clean the stove, but it was too dirty, so I put some spray on it, will let it set all night, and will clean it in the morning.


I also emptied the canner. One of the jars had broken and there was beans all over the jars and canner. What a mess. I cleaned it up, and it is always so satisfying to see those jars lined up filled with food.


Two of the jars didn't seal. I put them in the fridge and we will have to use them soon. Perhaps burritos?

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