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Finally, put away Christmas stuff.

Here it is, Saturday evening and I had not written anything since Wednesday morning. Well, I still have the computer problem, but I spent all day Thursday, cleaning off my desk, filing things, making a budget, and paying bills. Well, after that,I realized that I cannot afford to get the computer fixed right now. I will just have to make due, or work at the library.


I worked a lot this week on the new training program I am developing for work. I have been putting together a Handbook, forms for the teachers, a mission statement, policies, methods, implementation of the program, etc. I am starting from scratch, but this is really exciting for me as I get to set it up just the way my research and experience has shown me it should be.


Then I get to implement it and see if it will really be as good and effective as I think it will be. The computer is really weird. I can work for hours and not have a single problem and then all of a sudden it will shut itself off and not even let Windows open up.


I just have to wait and keep trying and then all of a sudden it will work again. I think maybe the hard drive or processor is going bad.  I just pray it can make it one or two more months.


I finally got the Christmas decorations put away today and I have been mopping the floor. I haven't finished the floor, but I came in here to see if the video I was trying to upload made it. It did not. That is the fourth time, I have tried to upload a video I made of How to make Pupusas.


I had a lot of fun making it. I even bought editing software and put a title, music in the background, and so forth. I don't know if our Internet is too slow or if the computer is the reason it will not upload. I guess I will need to save it to a flash drive and take it somewhere else to upload it.


We were supposed to go to the wedding of my niece today. We sent all the children there, but did not go as my mom is ill. I spent several hours, it seemed, calling people, yesterday, trying to find someone who could spend the night, watch her during the day, and take care of the animals.


We have several friends that have done so in the past, but they happened to be busy this weekend. It is harder to find a babysitter for an elderly person than a child. It is also harder to take an elderly person places than it is to haul children, babies, and a diaper bag around.


All of my children, I could pick up and carry if they fell asleep or were hurt, but I cannot pick up my mom or carry her. I cannot put her in the car without her help. She has been really weak and needs help to get around right now. She even missed her hair appointment which is the highlight of her week.


I also canned 7 quarts and six pints of beans yesterday. They were leftovers and we were tired of them, so I put them in jars and processed them yesterday. That means convenience foods on another day.


I like canning when I do a little at a time. I isn't such a big task that way.

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