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Does life ever slow down? Wednesday was busy with getting children off to school, updating my website. Working on a scholarly paper, and just the everyday of doing dishes, laundry, cleaning my mom's potty, and mom stuff that we do to serve our family.


My husband, Fito, also had a fund raiser lunch and I had to go to KFC/Taco Bell to pick up the food and take it to the school. Every time I go to the High School, I find it amazing what our teachers do. It is perhaps one of the most difficult jobs there is, to work with those teens and try to instill in them values, principles, and ethics, not only educate them in a subject.


And so few of them receive guidance that will really direct them through life. It is rather depressing. But then I remember when I went to West Point for parent's day and other youth gatherings I have attended and I am reminded that there are still many good solid families in America (and the world)  that are doing their best to raise righteous, patriotic, children.


In the afternoon, I remembered that I had committed to send bread for visits that the church men were conducting that evening. I started to make Poppy Seed bread and then realized we were out of eggs. I called Fito and asked him to get some after work.


He brought some home and I made the bread. Fito and the children did the chores, picked all the peppers and tomatoes left in the garden (3 buckets worth) and dug up two of the plants and brought them inside. It is supposed to freeze tonight.


I then took the bread to the church, and the girls and I then went to the library. Blanchard built a new library and it is wonderful. What a great idea of our society to have such an edifice. Where anyone can go regardless of education, profession, money, etc. Where freely there are classes, books, videos, computers, knowledge available to any who want it.


After we left, we went to the dollar store, then to get gas. Came home, routine, to bed.


Thursday morning, I awoke at 5:10 am. I went to get the donuts. Took the children to school, and then headed for Duncan, OK, about 70 miles away. My niece was staying with some friends there and I went to pick her up so she could spend some time with us.


I visited with the friend for awhile, then came home. I dropped off my niece, picked up my mom and took her to her hair appointment. We came home, I dropped her off, then went to pick the children up from school.


We came home and I did a few things then went to pick up a friend of mine in Yukon to take her to church with me tonight. The ladies group was having a dinner and Christmas program. It was about Mary and was very touching.


I took my mom home and then my friend. I came home and went to bed. I didn't even get the dishes done. The house is a mess and the next two days are busy, too. There are so many things to do! And never enough time to do it! The dilemma we all face!


I did want to share an insight. Yesterday, while waiting for my mom at her hair appointment, I was reading, Northanger Abbey by Jane Austin.


Catherine is the main character and her brother, Mr. James Moreland is engaged to Miss Thorpe.


Miss Thorpe has been flirting with Captain Tilney, Henry Tilney's brother, whom Catherine is friends with and attracted to.


Catherine begs Henry to go and speak to his brother. To tell him to leave Miss Thorpe alone, that their flirtations are causing her brother pain and embarrassment.


Henry explains to Catherine that his brother, Captain Tilney is an adult and does not listen to his advice and adds:


"Persuasion is not at command; but pardon me if I cannot even endeavor to persuade him. I have myself told him that Miss Thorpe is engaged. He knows what he is about and must be his own master."


"No, he does not know what he is about, " cried Catherine; "he does not know the pain he is giving my brother. Not that James has ever told me so, but I am sure he is very uncomfortable."


"And are you sure it is my brother's doing?"


"Yes. very sure."


"Is it my brother's attentions to Miss Thorpe, or Miss Thorpe's admission of them, that gives the pain?"


"Is it not the same thing?"


"I think Mr. Moreland would acknowledge a difference. No man is offended by another man's admiration of the woman he loves; it is the woman only who can make it a torment."


Where he states that: Captain Tilney must be his own master, is so true. We as friends, parents, relatives, co-workers can influence, challenge, plea, and encourage others to choose a correct path. However, in the end, each is their own master.


The other insight, is that within any relationship there will be moments that outsiders intrude, flatter, or try to persuade one away. However, Henry is absolutely correct in pointing out that it is the reaction to such that triggers; either fidelity and confidence, or jealousy and pain.


As couples, we should never engage in flirtations, intimacies, personal conservations (and women...this includes talking to other women about intimate marital matters) in indiscretions: emotional, mental, or physical.


Fito and I have the rule to not eat out, email, text, contact, call, or in any other way, engage with a member of the opposite sex in a personal way. It is too dangerous.

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