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Electricity...finally. Working on kitchen.

The past few weeks have been busy but amazing. I did not have to work and so I have been doing all the things that I did not have time to do while working.


I have been cleaning and organizing in my office, although, I am not completely done in there. I finished and stained a piece of furniture. It just needs new handles and it is done (the handles I bought were too long) and I haven’t made it back to that store to exchange them.


We had an electrician come out and he spent three days and now my mom’s room is completely done.


You need to understand that our first electrician never finished the add-on and we have had to use extension cords for several years. Every time I had some one new come out, they were only able to figure out one thing or would not want to take the job.


This friend of Fito came out and fixed everything, even the bathroom upstairs. He cut holes in the sheet rock, kept climbing up in the attics, and so on until he followed each wire, figured out where it belonged and got the fixture or plug working.


He found covered up plugs and lights and has everything up and running. My mom’s room now has smoke detectors, lights and fans, and working outlets in every room.


The sheet rock is all repaired…I just have to paint it. We still owe him money…but he said we could just finish paying him monthly. He also has some land he wants cleared. We have talked about going there in the fall and helping him to clear it for payment. Who knows how it will all come together, but it always works out.


Today, I have other workers here and they are finishing my kitchen. In December, the counter cracked and broke off and we have had a plywood counter since.


While Fito was in Canada for the week,(at his mother’s 80 birthday celebration) I went and purchased marble tile, a travertine farm sink, edges, grout, etc. to redo my kitchen.


(Can you imagine your wife doing all this while you were gone...?)


Hummmm….are you adding two and two together? Yes, that is why I did not have enough to pay off the electrician…Well, there is more to the story.


Originally, I had decided to do the kitchen first as cleaning plywood is the pits! However, the electrician friend called and said he had no work and could he come and just get started….that we could always figure out the money later.


I clearly told him what I could give him now and he came out. But once here, he kept on working as he had no other work and so he finished. I also had to spend money on wiring, switches, lights, and smoke detectors which I hadn’t budgeted in the original cost.


Hey, it is done. I am happy. My mom is happy. The electrician got enough money to pay the bills he needed to pay and is happy.


Also, we do not have to pay for the labor on the kitchen. We had an enclosed trailer that we decided to sell during the winter months. One of our GED students found out about the trailer and wanted it as he does construction. He took it months ago and has been using it. Our agreement was that he would do our kitchen for the trailer.










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