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Does laundry ever end?

Today, I got up at 5:30 am and took Felipe to his early morning religious class. I did not walk as I had already showered because I had to go to work early, plus I had to work longer, too.


We came back and all I heard was mumbling from the children because we didn't have any good cereal. (We still had cereal, but it was the healthy kind I buy for myself).


I decided I am not going to buy any cereal for a week or more! How is it that we become so ungrateful so quickly? Have they already forgotten our month living on food storage?


I have even taken pictures of starving children and taped them to the refrigerator as on Fast Sundays (when they have to fast)...I tell them: you can tell me you are hungry, but don't you ever tell me you are starving!


My husband grew up in El Salvador and there were many times that all they had to eat was tortillas and salt or if he had been lucky with his slingshot; an iguana, a bird, or whatever.


Enough of that. I came home and worked on laundry. The laundry room was a mess! I hadn't done any since last Monday and the children do some, but they don't follow all my rules. I gathered everyone together last night and gave them an ultimatum! I told them that any article of clothing that is inside out will NOT be washed and that under no circumstances will they be allowed to wash their own clothes.


I absolutely can't stand it when they wash their own clothes. They waste valuable resources as they do a small batch or wash their whites and colored together to make a batch, then ruin clothes because of it. Or they do such a big batch, the clothes do not come clean, or dry with wrinkles in them.


To be good stewards (which is one of my goals for them), they must learn how to do the laundry properly and how to take care of the clothes of the whole family. I want them growing up thinking as a team: we do dishes for the family not just myself. We do laundry, we mow the lawn, we clean the house: for the family,i.e., for the good of the team, not just for myself.


Fito had picked about half a bushel of peppers from the garden on Sunday. I took some to my classes and gave them away and the rest I sliced and put in freezer bags. We do that all summer, then on a cold snowy day, I pull the bags from the freezer and make salsa or just can whatever it is.


I also did some work on the computer, then went to pick the children up from school. Travis had done the weed-eating and the boys mowed after they took care of the animals. Then they did homework, we watched a movie and went to bed.


Maria and Travis went to a costume party. She went as bat girl and he wore Fito's leather shirt, pants, and moccasins; his mountain men clothes. I hope they had fun.


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