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David's Birthday

Monday was work all day. I didn't have to teach at night and Fito and I went to do some errands.


Tuesday, I let David stay at home. His birthday is the 23, but he wanted to go to school on his birthday as some friends were planning something for him.


After I was done with work in the morning, we went to a movie, I Was Number Four, and then we went to Chili's to eat. I had the waiters and waitresses sing Happy Birthday to him and it was a nice afternoon just the two of us.


That is what he wanted. I guess when you are continually surrounded by siblings and have to share is nice to have Mom for yourself once in awhile.


I liked the movie, too. I don't like sci-fi very much and I definitely do not like horror and am apprehensive about suspense movies, so I did not know what to suspect. This had more of an X-men feel to it and I can hardly wait for the sequel, yes, they left us hanging.


Wednesday, I ending up working all day and when I finally got home Fito wanted to go to the city to look for a rim for the Suburban as Felipe hit a curb on Monday and ruined it...they had to take the bus that punishment enough?


We didn't find the rim we needed, but we met with a gentleman who is going to do some stucco work on the house.


My goodness, we are so blessed! Fito has a solid job and I keep being offered more and more work. I even have to turn down jobs, now, and here are people who haven't worked in months and are desperately seeking any work.


This man has had so little work that he is going to do our home for much less than he normally would. (I couldn't afford his normal rate, anyway) but I feel so bad for them. Almost weekly, we receive calls from individuals who are looking for any work, whether to wash my windows, work in the yard, paint something...anything.


We have been eating the leftovers from our visitors. I was going to make goulash yesterday for David, his favorite, but they had already eaten by the time I came home.


I woke up at 5:30 am today. I cleaned the kitchen and made 12 loaves of Poppy Seed Bread. I cleaned my Mom's area and worked on the computer.


I haven't felt well, I have had a sinus infection, and have been sleeping in until 6:30. It was so nice to arise earlier and accomplish more. It always amazes me how you can accomplish more in the early morning than at any other time in the day.


I need to go get ready for work. Have a great day!

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