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Computer crashed!?!

Wednesday, Feb. 23.

I have about 8 minutes before my class starts. I am on a school computer right now.


My computer crashed last Friday and I finally had the money and time to take it to be fixed. I brought it home yesterday and was checking email and it crashed again on me. I took it back and he said it might be another day or two before I will have it again.


AUUUGHGH!!!! it is like having a hand cut off (Okay....I am exaggerating!) But it is still extremely frustrating! I am working on five different training programs and writing an ESL grammar and writing book with another teacher and I do NOT have my files, my work, my life....


I have decided that I am buying another laptop. Mine is ten years old and I just don't use it as it is too slow.


My poor children have been cooking and eating lots of Ramon Noodles as I have been swamped at work.


I did make a Spanish Turkey and some chili, but they are tired of eating that.


One student just came in early and wants some help so I have to go. I will try to catch up later...



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