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Christmas week.

The last time I posted was a week ago, and what a crazy week it has been. I had made a mega batch of tamales.


I put about 2/3's of the tamales in the freezer to save for Maria's reception. Then on Tuesday, I made the largest batch of Pupusa's I have ever made. I used 12 pounds of pork and 15 pounds of cheese. We ate Pupusa's for supper, and I froze about 2/3's of the mixture for Maria's reception.


Benjamin had come home from Kansas on Monday so another teen to feed. With the cousins here, there are 7 teen and young adult boys to feed and boy do they eat. But they are helping Fito set up the green house we moved during the summer so the food is well worth the free labor.


Benjamin video taped me making the Pupusas. As soon as I edit it I will put it on the website.


Wednesday, I took the turkey and deboned it and made 4 large pans of enchiladas. We ate one and I put the other three in the freezer.


Thursday, I read in the morning and took my mom to her hair appointment and then out to eat. It was my lazy day after all the cooking. The boys and Fito have worked everyday on the green house so we paid for them to go to Cici's Pizza. It cost us $38 for the seven boys, but I am sure Cici's lost money that night. Some of the boys ate two pizzas just themselves...


On Friday, Douglas, Ary, and our beautiful Celeste came from Houston. Now the whole family is here. Christmas eve and Christmas day passed wonderfully. Eating, singing, telling stories, playing games, and watching Christmas movies.


We sang a song for church on Sunday which went really well. We were short on teachers so I took the three year olds into the nursery and we combined the classes.


We went last night and Saturday night to see Christmas lights. And I cooked two hams, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, homemade rolls and homemade cinnamon rolls for Christmas dinner, and had Pupusa's Sunday night.


Today, Monday, the 27th, Fito and I got up early and we went to pick up some more roof tiles. however, these are rock and flat. They are like flagstone.


The builder was there when we came and was very nice. He saved enough for the owner to have to replace broken ones, but he said the owner didn't want any of the leftover tiles.


This is an incredible treasure for us because we garden a lot. We can use these for sidewalks, gardens, even indoors on floors.


The contractor told us they sell for $2800 a pallet. And we brought home a little more than one pallet. Not a bad haul for a morning's work. The home where they did the roof required 60 pallets of tile, plus they used copper for the valleys, dormers, flashing, etc. It is a beautiful roof. I guess it cost around $250,000 just for the roof.


Today, I made a batch of rice and I am cooking 8 pounds of beans. I am using the ham bone and juice from the hams in the beans. I


I cleaned the two fridges and plan to clean the pantry and bake this afternoon. The boys are all working on the greenhouse again and the girls are helping me clean.


I am using Douglas's and Ary's laptop right now as I got a virus from Face book that keeps shutting down my computer. I hope to figure that out sometime today, too.


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