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Christmas decorations and more canning done

Another week and come and gone…and what a week! I worked on a big training that I actually did today, and it went really well, except that I probably over prepared. I had too much content.


Next time, I will do less content/theory and will have more activities to make the content more practical to them.


It went really well (at least it seemed that was) we will see what the evaluations say…


We also put up Christmas decorations on Saturday. Elizabeth and Rebeca helped me and they are amazing helpers so it went up quicker than in years pass. I still haven’t found the top to the tree. (It has been missing since we moved). Last year, I took off one of the lower branches and fashion a top of sorts. Well, this year, I took off another lower branch, then I had Fito wire the two branches together so it was even thicker than before.


It actually looks okay. The two branches aren’t enough of a triangular shape sothe top comes down and then the tree spreads out. I tried to mold the upper most branches and hang the ornaments in such a way to minimize the difference.


Like I said…it’s okay…but the real top was much better. I guess I am going to buy another tree, but I will wait until after Christmas when they go on sale.

I canned 13 quarts of Turkey and 3 quarts of broth last Friday. I had class in the afternoon, then sang in the Christmas Concert in the evening…so I did not have a chance to clean up my mess until Saturday. One of the jars did not seal so I need to make something with chicken soon. Hum? Enchiladas? Tamales?


Saturday night, Fito and I are having our annual Christmas party with adults. We eat, then have a White Elephant gift exchange. I do not know if I am going to make Pupusas or tamales…decisions…decisions…maybe both?



It rained really hard this past week which is great as we are still about 10 inches behind where we usually are and all the ponds and lakes are really low or even empty.


It has gotten colder and we have had fires going…nothing quite like sitting in front of a fire, the Christmas lights twinkling and sipping on some hot chocolate.


I do like the idea of living by the beach, but I would miss the four seasons. It is supposed to snow tonight—our first snow of the season. The only problem in Oklahoma is we never know what kind of snow we will get. Rain first, that freezes under the snow, making it impossible to drive on?


Wet mushy snow? Dry, pointy, hard, icy snow that pricks your skin in the ever blowing, nasty, cold north wind? Or actually, a pleasant soft, slightly sticky snow that makes great snowball and forts and snowmen. We vote for the latter, but we will see.


May you have the snow of your dreams…or the sunshine of your wishes, and may you be blessed until we meet again.




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