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I did a training session this morning and spent all afternoon working on putting together pages for a Grammar and Writing Book I am authoring with another teacher.


It is a lot more work than I ever thought it would be. To take years in the classroom and years of teaching and to try to put it down on paper, but in a simple, clear, and easy to understand format.


The prepositions were 13 pages and I finally got that section down to 6 pages (the workbook is separate).


I did have a nice weekend. Fito, Elizabeth, and Rebeca left for Dallas Friday night, but came home 2 hours later. There were wild fires everywhere. They had gone south, but the roads were closed and then they came north and the traffic was so bad they waited for some time. They finally entered the 35, but after 20 minutes, it came to a standstill.


He didn't know if it was an accident, construction, or smoke from the fires, but he finally just exited, turned around and came home.


They left Saturday morning and have been down there since. My niece just called me to tell me that they had left for home and that they left some birds he had bought. She had been trying to call him, but it just goes to voice mail.


I have called him several times, but no response. Oh well...I guess we will have to visit the cousins again, real soon...


It is Spring Break this week. The boys are playing video games.


Last night, I went to bed early, but received a phone call from Douglas and Ary. We spoke for awhile and then I went into the kitchen and saw that the door to the playroom was shut.


I snuck in and found Matthew, Felipe, David, and a friend playing video games (which is a BIG no no in our house) on Sunday. I confiscated all the machines and sent them to bed.


This morning, I made them clean the kitchen, dining room, and living room. Then they had to each write a 2 page paper on "Why Obedience is Important." It had to have 3 references and be well written. It took them about one and half hours to write them.


It was a great punishment. I told Fito we need to use it more. It made them think. They had to reason...not just read something or copy something. It also lasted longer than a spanking.


They actually wrote good papers and hopefully, they will be somewhat more obedient?!?


I spent Saturday working on the book, but Sunday, I was in a cooking mood.


I invited 3 different groups to eat and we had 14 people. I made Pupusas, rice, and beans, and Chili Con Queso. I am still working on the Queso recipe. It was the recipe for our restaurant, but I am having difficulty perfecting a small batch.


I also made 19 loaves of Poppy Seed Bread and also made Chocolate Chip cookies. I had made bread on Friday, but we only had one loaf (the rest went to teachers, etc.). It was so good that all day Saturday I was craving it.


Lambie thinks he is a family member. I really don't think he knows he isn't human. Yesterday, David went to get him from his pen and brought him into the house to feed him.


He walks around the house visiting and rubbing up against all the company. He follows the children from room to room. He sucks on your chin or ear when he is hungry. He is still soooo cute, but he definitely cannot be inside for long as he likes to chew.


Papito, I think, is somewhat jealous of him, because when he is inside, Papito will start to make noises and want attention...and my husband is bringing home more birds?





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