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Car on fire!





































This is Travis's car on fire. This is at the top of our driveway. This happened over the weekend and what a blessing that he wasn't on the freeway going 80 miles an hour.


No one was hurt and the fire department came and put it out. It even burned the tires. Also, we were blessed that it happened so close to home and we didn't have to have it towed.


Besides this incident, my weekend was really nice. It was in the high seventies on Saturday and I believe it might have hit 90 on Sunday.


It is cool again, but what a pleasant weekend.


It was the annual conference of our church this weekend so we spent both days watching conference.


Both evenings, Rebeca and I went on bike rides. I love riding a bike. It makes me feel young (except when going up hills!).


I had made 19 loaves of apple/coconut bread and 12 loaves were in the oven when Rebeca asked me to go.


Fito was sitting at the dining room table decorating a leather Indian dress. We are making dresses for Elizabeth and Rebeca as we are going to a Rendezvous this weekend.


During conference, I cut the fringe on the dresses at the bottom and on the sleeves.


I told Fito the Bread was almost done and to check it every 5 minutes.


When we came back from the bike ride, all the windows were open, the doors were open wide, and the oven rack was outside on the patio table with 12 extremely burnt loaves of bread on it.


I mean extremely burnt. He must have been off in la la land to not have smelled the bread.


I have done the same with beans and rice so I cannot say anything.


If you cut off the top inch, the bread is still good. You just don't have the toasty crust which is my favorite part.


I had made two large pans of Goulash on Saturday and Potato Soup from leftover mashed potatoes. That was our meals or whatever they threw together.


Yesterday, I worked in the morning other places, then worked on a contract and project in the afternoon.


One of the boys made a pizza, but it wasn't enough for everyone. I took French bread and sliced and buttered it. I then toasted the slices on a cookie sheet in the oven.


I then put ham slices on the toast and mozzarella cheese and put it back in the oven (on Broil) to melt and toast the cheese.


They were really good. Fito put salsa on his, but I ate my plain.

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