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Canning peaches and more, food from the garden.

Watermelon and pineapple fruit basket that Rebeca made.

This summer, we have had watermelon, corn, tomatoes, new potatoes, and onions from our garden. We had several bushels of potatoes and have been eating really yummy foods. I have made Guatemalan New Potatoes several times...Sunday, I made them with Cheddar Cheese soup in a roaster pan.

We have made them with other vegetables, with meat, with eggs...whatever.

We also had a family that gave us a couple of bushels of peaches. I stayed up till 1:00am and canned them (well...I got them all into the jars and then processed them the next day).

About 10 quarts and 13-14 pints. You just put the peaches in boiling water (see where I have a strainer inside the bigger pot). let them boil till skin cracks. Put them in another pan. let them cool enough to peel skin. Pit them and slice them and put them in the jars. Add sugar water to the jars and then seal the jars and process. See my canning page for more info. Once canned, they last about 7 years. Very convenient.

There is nothing quite like growing food and then eating it. It gives you such a sense of satisfaction. And it is yummy!

New potatoes from the garden.

Spanish Corn. Add a little Cayenne pepper to give it zing.

Peaches cooling.

We added watermelon and pineapple juice to this orange juice...great stuff.

Peaches boiling. Inside strainer which I set inside larger pan of boiling water.

Peeling, pitting, and slicing peaches.

Leftovers go to chickens.

See the jars of pretty.

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