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Canning has started.

Life has still been work, work, work. I have even been approached to do two more training sessions that are going to be fun, too.


We did go to Dallas on Sunday, but that was just to drop off Felipe and David so they can go to a High Adventure Shark-a-thon at Galveston with their cousin's scout troop.


We picked up Rebeca who had been there the past week. Boy we missed her. Elizabeth had been at girl's camp and so the house only had boys. It was so empty and so quiet without the girls. There is nothing quite the same as little girls and little girl kisses.


Fluffy was so happy to see the girls, too.


Saturday, I canned Jalepeños and turkey broth. I also cut up a bunch of bell peppers and put them in bags in the freezer. It is so gratifying to can and preserve food, especially when you have grown some of it.


We are still in a drought and it has been above 100 degrees everyday, however, we have been able to keep the garden alive; in spite of the tornado, the hail storm, and now the drought. We are only allowed to water on even days, now, but hopefully, we won't be denied outside watering.


The pepper plants are producing well. The tomato plants look good, but aren't setting blooms as it is too hot.


Our grapes produced this year for the first time. they were really abundant and very sweet, but really small. I took them off the vines, but them in bags and froze them. If you haven't tried frozen grapes...try it...they are like candy!


I did another batch last night. The children eat them as fast as I get them ready.


Saturday was Maria's baby shower and I cooked Pupusas, beans, and rice. We also had watermelon, cookies, and pie. The shower went really well. many people came and they were very gracious.


Friday night, I had invited some of my students from the work-based classes I teach. we had a small turnout (which i expected with this heat) but we had a very enjoyable time.


I had made Pupusas, too, and it worked well having the two dinners back to back. on Tuesday, I cooked the meat and ran it through the food processor, Wednesday, I made bread, and Thursday, I made the beans. That way, most of the work was done before Friday.


We had some Vietnamese friends come on Friday and they brought some egg rolls that were home made. I think they are some of the best I have ever had. They also brought a candy which was made from tamarindo (which the Spanish use to make a drink) that had lemon and a little pepper.


Usually, I don't like those types of candy, but this was okay, in fact, rather interesting. One friend brought the watermelon, which was the best watermelon we have had all year.


Another friend brought some crackers that were spicy. They were really good and I got the recipe. I will try to put it on the website soon...(I know...I know....I have several recipes that i have told you i was putting on here and I haven't done it yet).


I woke up yesterday at 4:30 am to make Humming bird bread so I could give to the students as a thank you for coming and bringing food. It came out really moist.


I think that's it right now...have a great week.







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