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Canning and summer fun.


This eliminates heating up your kitchen in the middle of the summer and it also divides up the work so you are not doing an immense amount of work all at once.


However, I had cooked a couple of turkeys, had about 15 jars of plum juice that I had extracted from two boxes of plums I was given, and did not want all that to sit in the freezer for months.


I had the turkeys because for the summer kid classes at the college, I taught a nutrition class, and I take a turkey one day to let the children see and touch the liver, kidneys, heart, ribs, backbone, skin, fat, neck, bone, cartilage, etc.


We were even lucky enough one time in that a piece of the trachea was left on the neck...what a find!


Children love guts and learn a lot from this class.






































I took it all out the night before then canned it the next day. Now if I want to make jelly or syrup, I just need to open a couple of jars and make it and not wait for it to thaw out.











































The jars in the back are turkey broth. The jars to the left are beans. The middle jars are from a left over soup, and the jars on the right are butter.


As you can see, my counter is a piece of plywood. It broke off in January and we still haven't replaced it. that is one of my goals this summer: to put in a new counter. However, between work, other obligations (and a lack of money). It still hasn't happened. Perhaps, in the next few weeks...




Here is Matthew in his new suit...good looking guy, right?















These are our four youngest children; Left to Right: David, Rebeca, Felipe, and Elizabeth.

Here they are with their cousins, and nephew, Alexander.


This was taken a Maria's house earlier in the summer. her pump went out and now the pool is unusable. Perhaps, about the time I get a new counter is when she will get a new pump...


At least, we have had lots of rain this year and they can swim in the lake. Summer fun can be found in many ways.


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