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Can that much happen in only 5 days?

Monday, I worked in the morning then spent the afternoon paying bills and doing boring stuff that has to be done. Fito was working outside with the boys planting some bushes they has moved from the front.


When we moved here, the front garden was full of large bushes. Little by little we have been moving them to other places on the property so I can plant more flowers in the garden.


We also went to check out a new meat market we had heard about on the radio. but I still like the other one I go to on SW 59 near Western, EL Rodeo. They are smaller, but very clean and the meat has little or no fat on it and it is the best prices in town, especially if you go on Wednesday or Thursday when they give you a discount.


It is a Spanish Place, but as we speak Spanish it is not a problem for us. I have seen English speakers in there and they usually get by with communicating what they want. I usually translate, but this time I wanted to see if the workers could understand them so I could send my friends there.


Tuesday, I worked all day, then made


Wednesday, I worked in the morning then came home and Fito, Travis, Maria, and I drove to Edmond for a sonogram session for Maria's pregnancy. It was incredible! Travis's parents had gone, too, and we were all amazed at how much technology had progressed. You can see so much and now it actually looks like the baby, whereas, when we were pregnant eons ago : ) the babies looked like blobs.


She showed us the cord, the placenta, arteries, the heart and organs, his face, yes the technician said, "He's got baggage." Travis was ecstatic, Maria glowed. I had tears when I heard the heartbeat. It was a really neat afternoon. My baby is having a baby. Incredible!


Rebeca is only seven. I still have babies to raise. How is it my babies are having babies? Yet there are days I look in the mirror and it is obvious I am old enough to be a Grandma.


I have woken up early everyday this week. i wake up at 4:30 or 5:00 and cannot sleep. So I have been doing laundry, cleaning Mom's room, working on the commuter, and so on. One morning, I made 21 loaves of


I made sure they took them to the ladies who help out front and to the secretaries as these individual do so much unseen service.


I also took some to give to a couple of people I work with.


Thursday night after I came home from work, we went to the Spanish church in Norman. I am supposed to be teaching an English class, but we almost always just end up visiting while the men play soccer and th children run around.


One of the ladies told me she was had to defend her dissertation the next day, so I tried to do a mock defense with her. I asked as many questions that I thought they might ask. She did a really good job explaining things and her dissertation was extremely interesting. It was on rape in the military and she discovered some interesting data.


Friday night, I saw her at a Cinco de Mayo Party at the church and as she came running over I could see in her face that she had been successful. I jumped up and hugged her and exclaimed, "Doctor ...!"


My heart came into my throat out of happiness for her. No one can explain the dread of going in to that moment and then the sheer joy and exhilaration of finishing and being addressed by your committee as Doctor.


The years of work, writing, and endless research have finally paid off. I do not know how to explain the level of emotional agony and joy.


I guess it's somewhat like having a baby...lots of agony, but incredible joy, too.


Friday was a busy, but really interesting day. I woke up early, did some things, dropped the girls off at school as Fito took David to school. David had a field trip and Fito went as a sponsor. Felipe always drives himself as he goes to a religious class after school, then comes home.


I went to the Community center where I teach a Spanish computer class. These students were graduating from their program today. My class is just one segment of a business program they re attending.


I then went to teach another training class, but did not take my daily walk as I was in a really nice suit. (I usually have 20-30 minutes extra when I arrive at this company so I usually take a walk).


After the class, I drove back to the Community Center and was there for the last of the ceremony and luncheon. I spoke with the students, took pictures, then cleaned up afterwards. There was food leftover and I was able to bring some home.


I then drove to my next training class at a company in Moore. This is such a good company. Like my other training, they are concerned and want to help their employees develop professionally and personally.


There was a crisis and they asked me to come and translate for something. The HR Director handled the situation with such graciousness. I was so impressed. Allowing humans to have their dignity even in difficult situations is always commendable.


I went back to class and we played a game, so I could relax from the tension. That is the fun of being a and activities are great to help learning and dispel stress.


I had one more session after the first class, and it was great. I then went home, packed up food and we went to the party.


I had made a


The party at the church was fun. They had two huge piñatas that were full of candy. We also played some games. I guess everyone was too tired because usually after we clean up, we stay and dance for awhile, but no dancing tonight.


Today, Saturday, I brought Elizabeth to the church for a girl's camp activity and I am hiding in one of the rooms getting work done on the computer.

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