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Can't sleep!

I was lying in bed and unable to sleep so I decided to come and rant for awhile.


It looks as though Maria is getting married tomorrow! She called me today and does want some decorations and wants me to make her a bouquet.


The thing is tomorrow, I also have a funeral that I feel I really need (and want) to attend and it is a 3 hour drive from here. It is the father of one of my childhood friends and I have not seen her in more than 20 years. Her father was also a family friend and he went to girls camp every year to be the Protector...if needed. He was at camp all six years I went and I believe he used his vacation time for more than 20 years to be at camp. He was a friend of my father and just a kind, good, humble man.


Today, we went to church, which was exceptional and came home. I took two flower arrangements to church. This is the last of the flowers. By next week, I will have to use berries, trees, grasses, etc. to make an arrangement.


I made Pupusas, salsa, and refried beans. I then made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies as Felipe wanted that for his birthday. I will put the recipe on here later in the week.


We played cards and Rebeca beat me in Trash (a game they taught me was fun).


I made several phone calls and several ladies from church are helping me in various ways.


I think I can pull off the funeral and the wedding with their help. I will let you know how it turns out.


I just wish my brain would let me sleep! I have to get up in 5 hours!

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