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Called 911, yummy rice, a baby blessing, and more.

Today is Monday, July 02, 2012 and the family reunion is winding down. People were still here, but in the process of going home. Since Benjamin had come for the reunion, I planned a day of dentist, eye doctor, and doctor visits. He lives in Kansas, but Fito’s insurance only works in Oklahoma, therefore, we always set up visits while he is here.

He hadn’t come to the house and didn’t answer his phone, so I called Matthew to make sure he was up. Matthew told me he was at Maria’s. I then called Maria and she said she would wake him up. I called about 20 minutes later as he still hadn’t shown up.

She said he was being belligerent and wouldn’t get up. I told her he was probably having a low (he has Type 1 Diabetes) and to get something sweet down him. She tried apple juice (with extra sugar stirred in it), but he would push it away. She then did get him to eat a piece of powdered donut.

By that time, I had arrived to her house and could see he was not conscience of his surroundings. I was able to get him to sit up, but it was really hard to get him to drink. I told Maria to call 911.

The firefighters got there quick. Probably within 1 minute, then the ambulance was there within another minute. They both were right there in the area when we called.

They had to fight him to get his blood sugar. (He wouldn’t let Maria or I take it). By that time, I had gotten two glasses of apple juice down him, but he still wasn’t coherent. He didn’t know what day it was, where he was, who we were, and so on.

His blood sugar was 64, and when they took it a little later, 61. So I am guessing when Maria first tried to wake him up, it was probably 25-35…very, very low.

The paramedics had a tube of a glucose gel that I was able to squeeze into his mouth. It took 3 squeezes and two of them, I squeezed a lot into his mouth…and then it was like a light came on inside his brain. Our Benjamin was back! He knew us, he knew where he was, and he realized that there were paramedics at the house…what a blessing when the mind works.

I told Maria, it was a blessing he stayed with her and had an appointment. If he had been allowed to sleep in this morning, it is very possible; he simply would not have woken up. It scares Fito and I to no end that he lives so far away from family and even though he has a roommate, he is alone much of the time.

I will feel so much better when he marries…assuming he marries someone responsible that will help monitor his health.

Rebeca and I spent all of Monday with Benjamin. He had an eye appointment, dentist appointment, and then the doctor. They were able to work him in the afternoon as he missed his morning appointment. A very long day.

The family reunion was a success. No one yelled. No one stalked off angrily. No one cried. As all families know that is remarkable.

There was lots of good food, good company, many games played, and new buddies made among cousins. My mom was so happy and contented. She held her great grand babies and loved her children and grandchildren.

Of course, I am so tired; I think I could sleep all day, but not yet. Maybe tomorrow I can take a nap. Tony is planning on going to Houston to see our new granddaughter, Isabella, so I asked him to drop off David, Elizabeth, and Rebeca in Dallas so they can spend the 4 (big Holiday in US) with their cousins.

Fito and I were going to go, but as we decided to go to Houston this weekend for the blessing of Isabella on Sunday, we will leave Thursday or Friday after work, pick up the 3 in Dallas, and head to Houston. We will have to come back on Sunday after church as both Fito and I work on Monday.

I do have to confess, I did the grilled chicken, as Fito had gone to the Spanish church with his mom and wasn’t here…I did a horrible job. It was grilled nicely, but was bloody near the bone. I had to put it in the oven and cook it longer…oh well.

Today is Sunday morning, July 8. We are in Houston. Isabella Rosa, our granddaughter will be blessed today. She is soooo cute and has so much hair. She definitely is a Spanish baby.

We drove down to Houston Thursday night. We left at 9:30 pm as Fito had a class until 8:00. Stopped in Dallas around 12:30 am to pick up David, Elizabeth, and Rebeca. Then drove on to Houston arriving at 4:00 am (which was really good time as Dallas is usually a 4 hour drive from Houston).

On the 4 of July, Fito, Felipe, and I went to prune, mow, and weed at two different homes. About 3 hours. Then home.

We had some Spanish friends that had camped at our place the previous night and were celebrating the 4 together. They had quite the camp with about 10 tents, a grill, a fire pit, chairs, fishing, volleyball, etc.

We joined them for breakfast and then later for fireworks, but mainly left them alone to enjoy their day.

I was lazy and watch TV, but did make about 12 dozen Snicker Doodle cookies to take to Houston. Snicker Doodles are Douglas’s favorite cookie. I baked most of them, but did take one Ziploc bag of frozen cookie balls that he can bake later.

Tuesday evening, some friends had come to visit and while they were here, I made 22 loaves of Poppy Seed bread. I sent 6 loaves home with them, used 3 loaves for the campers, and then took the rest to Houston to give to different families there.

Friday, in Houston, I slept in until 1:00 pm. Actually, I had gotten up about 9:00 and eaten, then Rebeca and I went to lie down for a while and we were out!

We then went to see Douglas, Ary, Celeste, and Isabella. Celeste has an incredible time playing with all of her aunts and uncles. They then followed us back to Carlos’s house (where we stayed in Houston) and he and his wife made grilled meats, rice, beans, and salad…yum yum.

Fito’s mom made casamiento (which means marriage) which is when you make rice, but when you add the liquid to the rice…instead of adding water or broth, you pour in the liquid from beans you have made as well as some of the beans.

Carlos’s wife had made the small red beans that come from El Salvador. (Extra yummy). These were the ones mixed in the rice. It was exceptionally good rice.

Saturday was filled with visits and playing chauffeur, as I drove the children to the cousins, dropped them off, had to go back to the house, pick up swimsuits, drop them off…then drive around looking for a shoe store (as David had left ALL his shoes in Dallas).

We found a Payless Shoe Store and bought him  dress shoes and some men’s leather flip flops. We were lucky in that they were half off.

I then took him to his cousins. Fito had gone with a friend so I went to some used furniture stores looking for a dining table for Douglas and Ary. I never found a set that would work, but I found an incredible consignment home furnishing’s store in Houston. It is called Still Goode and is on Louetta, west of Kuykendahl.

I bought a Chinese vase and later in the day, I convinced Fito, Carlos and his wife to go there, Fito and I bought a carved Chinese box that is camphor lined. We have been cleaning it with lemon oil and q-tips as it is carved fairly deep and has not been cleaned for years. It is a beautiful, intricately carved unusual piece.

Saturday night, we spent with Douglas’s family and Sunday morning, we went to church with them. Douglas blessed Isabella on Sunday and it was a beautiful blessing. The whole family was in purple and white and very handsome. Other family members came and it was one of those special moments in life.

After church, we dropped off a cousin at her house, went and packed and drove the seven hours home.

Vacations are fun, but the best part is always coming home! I love home! And it is my prayer and hope and desire to help others create a home they love. A place of refuge. A place of peace. A place of belonging. May your home find all that and more.


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