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Busy as usual.

Monday, I was up at 5:30, but I forgot I was to go and pick up donuts for a fund raiser. I just quickly dressed then headed out the door. When I came back, I took Felipe to his class and then home then everyone to school.


I made some chicken tamales, then got ready for work. This was the first time ever I made such a small batch of tamales. There were about 23. I was a lot easier and went quickly. I cooked them in the pressure canner while I was in the shower.


I turned off the burner and headed out the door. When I came back from teaching, I tasted them. They came out great. Hopefully, I will have a recipe soon to give to you.


I then made hamburger gravy and mashed potatoes. David and Elizabeth cut the potatoes. We don't even peel them anymore. I also worked on the computer for awhile.


When Fito came home, we went to early voting. We saw Matthew on the way home. He dropped me off at home and went to the school board meeting.


I did some cleaning in my mom's section and then read. I was going to take everyone to the library, but Maria and Travis had taken them to McDonald's.


We did our routine of scriptures, talking in the living room, reading books, and prayer. We do really well in the evening of those things, but the morning is another topic.

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