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Bread for fund raiser.

Yesterday, I taught the early morning class for Felipe, then took the children to school. I went to teach my class.


When I got home, I took 2 large metal bowls out. I brought my large sacks of flour and sugar into the kitchen. I also brought the large container of eggs in and the pitcher I keep oil in. (I buy oil in the 35 lb. plastic containers at Sam's. I have a one gallon plastic pitcher that I keep oil in. It is easier than trying to pour from the large container.)


When I have to do a fund raiser. I measure the ingredients for both recipes at the same time. For example, I measure 12 cups of flour into one bowl, then 12 cups of flour into the second bowl. I keep the recipe card in front of each bowl so I remember which is which. I also have large 4 cup glass measuring cups so I don't have to measure out 12 cups...instead I fill the 4 cup glass measuring cup 3 times. It is faster and easier.


I made a fund raiser batch of Poppy Seed Bread and one of Apple Coconut Bread. David had a choir concert last night and they were doing a bake sale. Also, Fito needed bread as the Spanish club is raising money for  trip to Costa Rica. I sent 6 loaves with David and sent 16 with Fito. I kept 10 loaves for tonight as the church youth group is coming here for an activity and gave 3 away and Felipe burnt 3.


That's right...38 loaves of bread! And I do not have double ovens. I started around noon and finished around 6 pm. I guess you know what I want for my kitchen.


I was going to make them eat the chicken I made on Monday, and David, Fito, and Travis did, but Felipe made a pizza for the others.


Maybe today they will finish the chicken...

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