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Branson trip, big presentation, cooking, and daffodills.


Fito and I are in Branson, Missouri right now. This was a free trip from when I had my Lasik surgery done. The company put us up at a time-share and we are taking a tour tomorrow for $75 in cash and two 3-day/2-night vacations.


Before we went in to check-in, I warned Fito that they would try to get us to take a tour. We had decided that there was no way we wanted to take a tour (we have done this many times before…and no, we do not own a timeshare, but do belong to a travel club). But for spending money…well…we can lose an hour.


We had been given tickets to Silver Dollar City, which is an amusement type attraction, and has shows, arts and craftsmen, rides, etc. We like the shows and watching the craftsmen. They have glass blowers, painters, weavers, blacksmiths, and so on. However, when we arrived, we were informed they were not opened. Oh my, did the travel agency mess up.


Neither one of us felt like shopping. I suggested a movie, but the theaters did not have anything we wanted to see, thus we ended up going back to our room and watching a couple of DVD’s. Super lazy, but I guess what we really needed.


As we left Missouri, we stopped at the Pro bass Store in Springfield. It is an incredible store and worth stopping to see. It has more attractions than their other stores. There are even museums within the store. We went through the Archery Hall of Fame. Some extraordinary bows on display.


On our way down to Branson, we had also stopped in Springfield at the Springfield Leather Company. It is one of the best stores in the country to purchase leather (and beads). Fito hand makes satchels out of leather which he sells. All together, we spent more time in Springfield than in Branson on our trip.


This week is spring break and since we both work for schools, we have the week off. When we get back home, the week will be filled with doctor appointments and cooking.


Maria and Travis are being sealed this weekend, on the 23rd. In our church, this is when they are married for time and all eternity, and their son, Alexander, will be sealed to them so they will be a forever family.This is done in the temple which is different than a church.


Almost all of the family will be coming and I am cooking for all of our family and friends at an informal reception in our home Saturday evening.


Yesterday, the children and I made homemade Turkey Noodle soup, Strawberry Cream Danishes, Peanut Butter Chews, Brownies, and Blonde Brownies with chocolate chips. Since I was going to be gone, I decided they needed treats. Also, Benjamin was coming on Monday as he had a dentist appointment on Tuesday.


Saturday was a “Sprinkle” Baby shower for Maria. I made refried black beans, taco meat, and had salsa, shredded cheddar cheese, and chips. Her friend had brought an ice cream cake, punch, and fruit. We played games, visited, and had a nice time.


Friday, we worked outside all day long. It was 80 degrees with a breeze. Perfect for gardening. (and now it is back to 40 degrees...ugh...Oklahoma weather)


We had started taking out a garden last year, and worked on finishing that. There was a stack of rocks that had to becarted to the back. Plants had to be dug up. Other plants that had been dug upneeded planting. Weeding and cleaning. Moving dirt to another garden. Lots of bending over.


The next day I was so stiff, especially in my upper thighs and lower back. My muscles were screaming, “You are out of shape!”


After we worked all day at our house, we went and worked on Maria’s and Travis’s lawn for a couple of hours. I dug up a cactus plant they did not want, dug up a big bush that was by her front door and dropped leaves in front of her door. She didn’t want it anymore, so I dug it up and took it home. It is now in my front garden against a white wall. It makes a blue flower which will be a really pretty contrast.


We cleaned up trash, David mowed, and Maria and I weeded,planted, and trimmed stuff. Travis weed-eated and Fito did miscellaneous tasks.


Thursday, I was in charge of a church women’s meeting. I made Spanish turkey with new red potatoes, and carrots. (The leftovers of this are what I used for the turkey noodle soup. I added water, Knorr chicken bouillon with tomatoes, and two packages of angel hair curled noodles).


The meeting went really well. I sang a song with another woman, but we really hadn’t practiced enough. (We had decided Wednesday night,while we were setting up for our meeting, to do the song). It is a beautiful song, but I wish I had done better….I know, I am too much of a perfectionist…at least, in some things.


Most of my week, up to that point, was preparing for our women’s meeting. Sunday evening, I made bookmarks, and other little poems, etc.for the ladies to take home. I printed ideas from our theme and then put them on scrapbook paper to make them artsy. Prepared the program.


We also made table flower arrangements, decorated the tables, and room, had special music, etc. It ended up being a really nice program.


Fito took my Wednesday class, so I could go to the church to prepare things.


On Tuesday night, my Spanish class had their last class. We went to eat out at a Mexican restaurant so they could practice their Spanish. It was a good class. One lady really wants to learn Spanish and is really progressing rapidly. Hopefully, she will enroll in my next class.


The week was busy and the rest of my month will be the same…soooo, these two days in Branson are my chance to relax, forget aboutwork, homeschooling, taking care of my mom and children, not worry about cooking, cleaning, paying bills…hummm….do I have to go home?


Of course, I am kidding. I love my home with the blooming daffodils, the wonderful children, the loving moments, the board games played, the laughter, the birthdays, weddings, grandchildren, parents, and life. A home breaming with the ups and downs, the laughter and tears of life.  I love my life. My wonderful life. May each one of you find joy in your own slice of life here on the earth is my prayer for you.








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