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Are organized people lazy?

Tuesday, December 7th was the same as Monday. I spent the day working on updating  addresses and sending out Christmas cards.


In the evening, we went to David's Christmas program. He is the only boy in a choir of 23. He seems to enjoy his notoriety. The program was really good. They had learned a lot of music.


Also during the day, one of my children had asked me why the flag was at half mast. I told them that today was Pearl Harbor Day. What a shame that they had to ask. That should be in everyone's memory, just the same as 9/11. I myself, have no memories, of course, of the day, but World War II is my favorite reading.


I like to read how people overcome great trials and obstacles. It always makes my own life seem easier and calm.


Right now, I am reading, Life and Death in Shanghai by Nien Chen. It is a true story of the Mao Cultural Revolution period in China. The author was imprisoned and lived through that horrible period.


Today, we need to be aware that Mao used the same premise of protecting the people to take away their rights to privacy and to take away their firearms. What seems so simple or needed is actually a tentacle reaching for power, a power that will destroy all that is good.


Wednesday was spent on the computer doing things for my new job. A brochure, working on policies, procedures, recruiting tools, etc. But that stuff is fun to me.


In the evening, I took the children to church and read and visited with friends.


Thursday, I worked on the computer again and also cleaned, mopped, and deep cleaned the playroom. There is a large bookshelf in there that was dirty. Papito, our parrot, before his wings were clipped had flown up on it and made messes.


I cleaned it up and organized all the books. I like to have all the business books in one area, all the health books in another, and so on. I am the same way with movie: I want all the action, all the romance, the their own areas. That way when I go to pick out a movie or a book, I can go to the section I want and find quickly what I want without going through the whole lot of things.


I always say that organized people are lazy...we absolutely do not like to look for things...or is it simply that we are impatient?

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