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Another week.

I need to catch up on the past week.


Friday, I worked until 3:30 pm and then I did a couple of errands on the way home. I stop at the elementary school each Friday afternoon to pick up cartons of milk.


The schools have to throw away the cartons of milk that the students take, even when the students haven't opened them. The custodian saves them for me and I pick up about 2-3 gallons each week. Saves on my milk bill.


This week there were three bags of milk so I took some to a friend to share. While there, they had to show me the new chicken coop they are building.


This, normally would be okay, to do errands and visit with friends, but Fito had gone to the Rendezvous on Thursday and was expecting the children and I to come tonight.


I was in a hurry, but things kept happening. Then when I arrived home, Maria needed a ride to Travis's work so she could drive their car home. He was going to borrow a company truck since his car had burned up earlier in the week.


As I was taking Maria to OKC, the car pulled hard to the right. I pulled over to check it out and we had a flat. We were just pulling the tire and jack out of the truck when two men stopped to help us.


They had it changed in no time flat. We thanked them profusely and went on our way. I dropped Maria off and went to look for a tire place. Non of the cheaper places were open and by this time it was 6:30 on a Friday night.


I was worried that by the time we got to Woolaroc, the gate would be closed and we wouldn't be allowed in. Just then Fito called and said not to come as a Tornado Warning was in effect for that area.


I went home and caught up on my political shows...yea for me! I went to bed about 9:30 and slept upstairs with Rebeca. I had told Maria and Travis they could have the Master Bedroom as we were to be gone for the night.


Saturday morning, I woke up at 6 am and woke up Felipe, David, Elizabeth, and Rebeca. We drove the 3 hours to Woolaroc and stayed the whole day at the Mountain Men encampment. It was so much fun and we saw several families we had not seen in years.


We helped Fito tear down camp and the tepee and followed him home. The trailer kept fish tailing as he had two sets of tepee poles so we had to drive home going under 55 all the way. What a long trip home.


We arrived home at 9:30 pm, unloaded some things, read the scriptures, and went to bed.


Sunday, I awoke early, cut flowers to take to church, woke up my Mom, the children, and started getting everyone ready for church. Mom did not make it to church as she just didn't have the strength to make it to the car.


Some days she is very winded and just doesn't have any strength. Also one of her parakeets escaped from the cage and was flying around the room. I tried for awhile to catch it, finally gave up and went to church late. Thank goodness, the children had gone ahead with Fito.


I was in the nursery alone, but I only had three children. They were well behaved. We sang songs, colored, had a lesson, read book, and chased after bubbles.


After church, the missionaries, Ross, and Emily came for dinner. Oh...Maria and Travis were here, too, but they are here almost daily. I made Pupusas...and I made a double batch. In fact, I think there are still a few left. They have been eating them all week. Travis made brownies and Elizabeth opened two jars of the salsa I had just canned.


She brought in Cilantro from the herb garden and cut it up and put it in the salsa. Yum! Yum! Food always tastes better when you grew it.


They played Monopoly, we went on a bike ride, we sat outside and visited. It was a beautiful day and really enjoyed it. They also unpacked the rest of the stuff from the Rendezvous.


Monday, I worked in the morning and took Elizabeth to the doctor in the afternoon. She was running a fever. She had a cough, ear infection, and sore throat. In fact, she missed school Tuesday and Wednesday, too.


Monday evening, Fito and I went to visit a couple of friends. I had made stir fry and had to leave it when we went to the visits. When I came home, I found it burnt to a mush. I took the pieces of meat out, washed them off, and put them back to cook with another bag of frozen stir-fry and it actually came out okay.


Tuesday, I worked all day, Fito mowed, weed-eated, and sprayed a lawn, and then we went to the Temple in the evening. After we left the Temple, we stopped at a new restaurant that is in town. We ended up speaking to the owner for quite a while and it looks like we are going to trades services with him...I will give details as it works out.


Today, I worked in the morning and Fito went job hunting. I worked on the computer in the afternoon. I made a Spanish Turkey and Matthew and Elizabeth made mashed potatoes. Then Fito came home and made rice and fish.


I called people in the evening to gather food for a funeral. It is always heartening to see how generous people are and how willing they are to help others in times of need.

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