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Another long hot...but productive week.

Fito started working on fixing up the chicken coop. It was damaged in the May 24 tornado. They are redoing everything as the trees ruined the fencing, coop, and wiring when they fell on it.


It still has been hot and dry. It did rain Sunday night. Maybe a quarter of an inch. But rain is rain. It has been in the 100’s now for more than 30 days and the heat drains the strength out of everyone and everything.


I have to walk at 5:30 in the morning to beat the heat.


We are allowed to water on even days, but now they stopped watering by irrigation and sprinklers. The only outside watering is with a hand-held hose.


The grass and bushes are dry, brown, and stiff. It is so sad. Even the trees are starting to wilt. He planted many bushes in the spring that have already died.


Matthew and Ross went to Dallas on Sunday to pick up Felipe and David after their scout high adventure. They had gone to Galveston, Texas and had gone kayaking, fishing, sightseeing, then spent 24 hours on the ocean having a shark-a-thon. They were in teams and they fished straight for 24 hours.


The team with the most points (points were given for each type of fish or shark you caught). Their troop won the “chum bucket”. They had fun but said the worst part was camping on the beach. They said there was sand in their hair, in their beds, in the tent, in their ears, food; everywhere…it was a constant battle to keep stuff clean.


Five of the cousins came home with our crew, so our children have been happy as they have their cousins here. I cooked 3 pans of Lasagna and a huge pan of Beef Stroganoff on Monday. Within an hour the stroganoff was gone and all was gone by Tuesday. Wednesday, I made a large pan of Spanish Rice and Carne Guisado. It was gone yesterday when I came home.


One day they made Ramon Noodles and they also have stuff to make sandwiches, mac and cheeses, eggs, and so on.


I also made 19 loaves of Hummingbird Bread last week and it came out especially well. I gave most of it away. It is so much fun to give bread away. It is one way to say thank you to those who have done nice things for me.


Douglas, Ary, and Celeste are coming from Houston today. Tony will also be here from Missouri. He was able to take a leave this weekend. I have an appointment tomorrow to take a family portrait. We have not taken a family picture for more than two years. And who knows when we will all be together again.


I was asked by a company to do a team building culinary exercise for their employees. I am planning on using Pupusas as most people have not made them and they will have to work together to figure out what to do.


I told Fito that setting up a teepee would make a really good team building exercise. How many people have set up a teepee. Also it takes several people working to do so to do it.


I also am going to coach some supervisors for another company. My work is growing and I am having fun. How exciting to be paid for what I enjoy doing!


The hardest part of this whole work thing is to try to maintain a balance between work and home. I feel I am constantly struggling to get everything done.


I didn’t get home until 11:30 last night and I had to clean my mom’s section, give her medicine (she has an earache), check on things, and get stuff out for today.


I did remember to take meat and cheese out of the freezer this morning. When I was at home, I would just pull the meat out and cook it frozen in 1-2 inches of water with some dehydrated onion.


But now, for the sake of time, I need to remember to take the meat out so that it will cook quicker when I get home.


I also try to cook extra each time I cook so I can freeze part of it to have for another day.


As for cleaning…Fito and the children do that. I do very little now. Just a batch of clothes in the morning…dishes when I can….and so on.


I realize that all the systems that I developed during the years and the training I gave my children has paid off. They can keep the house running with limited supervision.


My laundry system, especially, has saved time and effort. The children can keep caught up and it runs smoothly and efficiently.


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