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Another crazy week.

I can't believe another week has gone by. Sunday, we had a surprise (although we did not surprise him) Birthday Party for Matthew. We had more than 20 people come during the afternoon and evening.


I made Pupusas and I had saved one pan of enchiladas (in the freezer) that I took out for the party. I also made a large batch of rice and in the evening, I made Snicker Doodles for his Birthday treat.


We played games, visited, and had a great time. A family came that we had not seen for some time and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed their company. We need to have them come again.


The nursery was trying at church as we had a child who did not want to be there and expressed it very openingly. Slowly we will help him to come to love the nursery.


Monday, I was able to work on the computer quite a bit as I only had one class. I even took the children to buy pizza since I did not have an evening class. The girls were complaining of sore throats and congestion. I let them stay home. I finally took them to the doctor to make sure it wasn't strep again. It wasn't, but there is a nasty virus going around right now that is as bad as strep.


Tuesday, I taught my computer class, then drove to Tinker to do that class, then drove back to Capitol Hill for the graduation of my computer class students.


The computer is just a small segment of the overall program which they are in. They also have ESL class, keyboarding, resume and interview preparation, and more. It is a program to help them learn skills to make them more employable.


After the ceremony and luncheon, I started to help clean up. There was plenty of food leftover so they sent home food with several of the teachers. Yea! I did not have to cook and I had about three meals worth.


That evening, I had Maria take food to two families. Fito and I went to the Temple, Tuesday evening. I was really tired and didn't want to go, but as always it was more than worth my time and effort.


Wednesday morning I could not sleep. I woke up about 4:30 am and worked on the computer preparing training stuff. I then went to have my hair done. Then to Tinker and then to a company to sign a contract. I then went to meet Matthew and Emallie. We met for lunch and had a nice visit.


I then did some errands and went to pick up the children from school. David looked so sick and said he had felt bad all day. I went ahead and took him to the doctor. The doctor was sure it was strep because his throat looked so bad, but the test came back negative. I went to pick up the prescription, then home.


Did some laundry, then relaxed and watched a BBC Drama version of Jane Austin's Persuasion. It was a good version that followed the book pretty much.


Today, I worked on some projects, went to Tinker, signed a different contract with a new company, worked on a draft for a new training program, and then in the afternoon went with Matthew to speak to the Director of a Children's Summer program.


I believe, Fito, Matthew, Maria, and I will all work at various times for the program. Fito wants to do classes such as Blacksmithing, cooking over a fire, landscaping, etc. We will see how that works out.


Maria took my Mom to her hair appointment and I had to pull Felipe out of school about 15 minutes early so he could go pick her up. I really need to find someone who can do it each week that I can pay to do it, and then they can take her out to eat or take her to the dollar store, or so on.


I came home and did dishes and cleaned and then read the paper. Now I am playing catch up on my blog.


Lambie is outside. When we came home from church on Sunday, (we had left him in the bathroom), he had completely chewed up the whole roll of toilet paper and had it all mixed up on the floor with his poop. I had already cleaned the floor that morning before church because of him!


Fito put him in the shelter where we keep Thunder (our miniature horse) when it is cold. Elizabeth, David, and Maria have fed him the whole week.

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