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Another crazy week!

I have tried so many times this week to blog, but then I end up having to do something else. I started teaching a the College For Kids at OCCC, a summer program, this week. Tony covers for me, the afternoons that I train at Vaughan, and then they did not schedule me for when I am at Tinker. But it basically means, I am gone from 7:30 in the morning until 6:00 or so in the evening each day.


I also had lesson plans to prepare, still working on project for OKC training, and still trying to finish a section for the ESL (English as a Second Language) book I am writing with a friend.


In other words, I am even busier and about to go crazy. I have been getting up even earlier and take things to work on in small free moments, but I still am not accomplishing all that I need to.


I am behind, because I took a week to clean up after the tornado, and this was actually my week to plan for the summer classes. There was a crew at the house last Saturday and we did a lot, helped some neighbors. I fed everyone last Saturday. I made two turkeys, rice, beans, salsa, and chips.


I took the leftover turkey last night and deboned it and turn it into enchiladas to feed the crew that is coming tomorrow. The last two Sundays we had company, but I am trying to back off of extra work and will try not to invite anyone over for Tuesday is Rebeca's birthday and I still have to plan for that.


We are smart enough, though, and have asked some friends if we can have it at their house as ours is still in need of repair. They also have a swimming pool and as this is Rebeca's eighth birthday, she will be baptized on Tuesday as well. we have baptized most our children on their birthdays to make sure they can remeber the date.


I think I will just have some grilled chicken, rice, and beans, and ask others to bring sides and dessert. We have the pinata, but I still need to buy the candy, chips, and some things like that.


I do have to mention that Tony did an incredible job of covering my classes at the college. This week, I had three ELL classes which are for English Language learners. Well in the afternoon, a girl from Japan signed up for the classes that does not speak one word of English. She has only been in the US, two months. Poor girl...and she will start school in the fall.


Poor tony, too. I have been doing this for years and am used to accommodating different levels in a class, but he has never done something like this, but he caught on, and actually did an incredible job. we did what any teacher or trainer did and put one level to work on a project while he worked individually with another.


He found some worksheets, websites, etc. to help each level. West Point really taught him to find solutions, make due, improvise, and think critically. he will do well in life. I was sooo worried about him and then he came home and said it all went smoothly... I was elated.


David is at scout camp this week. we were so busy with the trip and then the clean up, that we had completely forgotten about it and last Sunday were filling out paperwork, packing him, taking him to a 24/7 clinic to get a physical, etc. What crazy parents! They can't keep up with anything!


I caved int his week and hired two ladies to come one afternoon and clean the house. Well...we keep it clean...but i paid them to dust everything...I cannot stand to dust.


One of my Tinker students took Speaker of the Month at his Toastmaster's club. I was as proud of him as a parent could be. We had worked on his speech for two classes and he did great! What fulfillment to see the progression in these employees and see them develop into leaders.


I have to go...I am in between classes and it is time to go to Tinker. Have a great weekend!



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