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Another busy day.

I woke up early and did some work on the computer, then I went to Tinker to work.


I took some of the pages we have put together for our Writing and Grammar Book. It helps to let the students see the pages and have them ask questions and critique what we are doing.


Does anybody know an easy way to explain "have been working" tense? It's not really present, but not really past. It is really hard to explain.


I also gave them some pages we had prepared on Prepositions and Pronouns...whew...too much information, but they are exceptional students and eager to learn. They are also at a high level of writing and intelligence and are willing to work hard.


They are a perfect group to help us know the best way to prepare the book.


After Tinker, I went to do some errands and then came home and cooked. Matthew had already made rice and he did a good job. He said he added some chicken seasoning to it and it had a good experiment!


I made some chicken outside on the grill and cleaned the kitchen.


Fito and the boys had worked outside all day on the roof. Now we spent the evening weeding the garden.


The daffodils and crocuses are blooming. I have taken flowers to church three weeks now. It is so fulfilling to pick flowers from your own garden, arrange them into something of beauty, and then share that with others.


I tell people that is how I paint since I can't even draw a stick figure.


Then I came in and worked on my web page. I think it is time to go to bed (which always takes an hour or so to accomplish...).

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