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And why do I cook?

Monday, Got up at 5: 30 am. I took Felipe to his class and I went for a jog/walk. We came home, finished getting Rebeca ready for school and I took the four youngest to school.


I was in a cleaning mood. I took all the chairs to other rooms and completely cleaned the kitchen and dinning room. Swept, mopped, cleaned glass, dusted, etc.


Maria and Travis had started Pride and Prejudice, which was a complete temptation as I had just finished the book. I then took all the cleaning stuff and cleaned the living room while watching the rest of the movie.


I then went to the computer room where I spent a couple of hours on the phone trying to get the Internet back up. It was determined that the router was dropping the Internet. They sent a guy out and he wanted me to go and get a router from the company.


I told him I had specifically stated on the phone to tell the technician to bring one. Well he went to get it, but just brought it back. He didn't install it...but that's the way this small phone company operates. They have no competition so they do what they please. (yes, I already have complained to the State Corporation Commission.) I had to install it.


Then it was time for supper. I just took a large bag of chickens legs (frozen) and put them in a stew pot with about 2 inches of water, about 4 Tablespoons of dehydrated onion, salt, and pepper. When the chicken was starting to get soft, I added about 1/2 cup of Ragu Traditional Sauce. I added just a touch of Tabasco Sauce and let it cook with a lid on it until the chicken was done and the sauce thickened. I still had rice and cheese sauce that we could have, too.


I went with my husband to his Spanish class. It was their last class, so they went out to eat where they all had to order in Spanish. When we came home, no one had eaten the chicken. The children had made sandwiches and hard boiled eggs.

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