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A weekend of cooking and family!

Friday night, Benjamin came to visit as he has a Dr. appointment on Monday.  Matthew came for most of weekend, too, Emilie and Ross were here, too, so we had 13plus people here on and off all weekend.


Elizabeth had two friends over on Friday, and Fito and I invited some of our friends for dinner on Sunday, therefore, I had to cook!


Saturday, I didn't get up until 9:30 am and then I started to make Peanut Butter cookies, but a friend called. She had dug up a lot of plants. I ended up going to her house for several hours to pick up the plants and dig up more.


Then when I came home, I started on the cookies again. Thank goodness, I had some fajita meat I had taken from the freezer. When Fito and the boys returned from playing soccer, he cooked the meat on the grill, and we had it with the rice I had made on Friday. I finished the cookies, then Fito and I took a nap outside in the hammock.


After our nap, we gathered all the shovels and children and even made the guests help! The older ones dug holes and the younger planted. It took about an hour and a half to plant all the plants. We then let the children go and Fito and I kept gardening for another 2-3 hours.


I went in to fix the meat mixture for Pupusas, cleaned the laundry room, did dishes, etc. We then watched a movie and went to bed.


Sunday, I got up, made crepes, cut flowers for a bouquet to take to church, was helping David do a church project on the computer, when I realized I only had 20 min to get ready.


Quickly showered then gathered up children and left. When I got to church, Fito asked me why I hadn't brought Felipe. I said, "I thought he had come with you."


I had to go outside, call home, and tell Maria to make sure and take him with her to the University ward.


After church, our friends all congregated and we had Pupusas, guacamole, homemade salsa, slushies, and good conservation. Our friend's husband needed to go to OKC to the hospital to see an ill sibling so we took her home. We then went to another friend for a visit.


At home in the evening, we started a fire in the fireplace on the patio, played games, told stories, ate popcorn, and enjoyed a beautiful night. When all the teens are here, it reminds me of when all my children were still at home. The camaraderie is great, but I am glad I do not have to cook like that everyday, anymore.

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