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A stomach virus, wrecked truck, re-arranged house, and a water leak week!

It snowed last night and was icy so the college did not start classes until 10 am. My class is at 9 am. In other words, I did not have class today. Yea! I just stayed home.


I still woke up early and read for a while. I just finished, “Killing Lincoln” by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard and now I am reading, “To Try men’s Souls” by Newt Gingrich and William R. Forstchen.


Both books are hard to put down and are excellent. I am making Felipe, my 17 year-old read both.

I then recruited Fito and a friend who is staying with us, Jorge, to help me rearrange furniture. We switched the couches that were in the living room to the playroom and also switched two cabinets.

I brought the oriental cabinet and the black leather couches to the living room and the Honduras cabinet and the brown leather couch went to the playroom.

Then I took two headdresses that Fito had made: one of parrot feathers, and the other of Turkey feathers and put them on each side of the Honduran cabinet.

The Buffalo hide is now on the back of the brown leather couch. Fito and I like both changes. Now I just need to buy either an entertainment center or two tall cabinets to go on each side of the TV in the living room.

We had leftover mashed potatatoes, so I made Hamburger Gravy tonight to go with them before I had to go to my evening class.

On Sunday, I canned some Turkey broth that was leftover from a turkey we had last week when the cousins were here from Dallas. David made the Turkey. I called him from work and told him to get down the roaster pan and what to do. He did a good job…of course though; it is really easy to do a Spanish Turkey.

I also made 19 loaves of Poppy Seed bread. I need to take some this week to two different classes for celebrations.

I also cleaned my office area this weekend. We had two leaks by the water heater and had to have a plumber come out. We did not have water Sunday for half a day, but we were prepared and it wasn’t a problem.

My office area has not been this organized in a long time. We added another file cabinet to the area and I rearranged files, folders, books, software, cleaned drawers, put away stuff, made new files, dusted, swept, etc.

It is an amazing feeling to have your office organized. I also found a few items that I had been looking for and threw away three bags of trash. (I too, am guilty of hoarding things).

This past week, we had cousins come and stay and I did a lot of cooking. My friend, Kathy, cooked for us, too. It is always fun when family is here.

Friday, Fito and I awoke early and drove to Missouri to a tow yard to pick up the wrecked truck of Tony (our oldest son). He had slipped on the ice the previous weekend, fishtailed and ended up colliding with a cement barrier.

The trip there was 7 and ½ hours. We then drove an hour and a half to pick him up in Fort Leonard Wood. We ate at Panera bread and then headed for home with the pickup on a two-wheel dolly connected to the back of our Suburban.

We had to drive slower. When we stopped to get gas, one of the tire straps had come lose and we even had to recruit help to rock the truck to pull the strap from under the tire and refasten it.

We headed home and it took about seven hours to get to OKC. We had left a seven in the morning and got back after midnight. A very long day.

Everyone in the family had been sick with a stomach virus, starting Wednesday night. All the cousins ended up with it. Our whole family (except me) had it and even the others who had visited while the cousins were here.

Fito was going to Missouri alone, but I went to help drive as he had been sick. Then Saturday, he went to help Tony find a new car while I cleaned my office. I also made Pupusas on Sunday before Tony left, but did not cook on Saturday.

My 80 year-old mom was sick, too, and that was scary for a while as she just couldn’t keep anything down and it is so hard for her to move. She definitely cannot do anything quickly.

Lots of cleaning and lots of laundry. It never stops does it!

After writing this…now I know why I am about to drop from exhaustion…whew! What a week!

I do have to admit, though. Whenever there is sickness like that it makes me very aware of just what a blessing it is to be healthy. And I do enjoy good health. I have been so blessed to have such good health.

It also makes me aware what a great blessing it is to have running water, a washing machine, and a dryer inside my home. We are truly blessed!


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