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A Pet Peeve

This week has been work, work, work. i have been teaching at Tinker and Vaughan, plus I have two cooking classes, and a Character Counts class at OCCC's College for Kids.


The cooking classes are always a pain to get ready for, as you have to remember to bring every item, but they sure are fun to teach and always go by quickly.


The Character Count classes have been fun, too. Last week I had two classes, this week, I have one, and we look at videos from my website, discuss character traits, and have activities that help the children think about the different traits.


Monday night after work, we took the little ones to swim and Fito and I just sat there and had time to just talk to each other. That was great!


Last night we watched a western and then went to bed early. I woke up at 5 am this morning and i accomplished so much before I left for work. The only thing, though, is I forgot to put on make's okay....the children still think I'm awesome.



Here I am, the teacher that lectures them, I make them clean (we have been cleaning the kitchen in cooking class all week) and then they hug me and tell me how awesome I am.


That leads to one of my Pet Peeves. Children need and want discipline. They do not need adults to be their buddies or their pals. They need people to love them, to teach them manners, to help them fit better in society.


Today, in class, I reminded the children to eat with their lips together and to not smack. One girl asked me why, and we spoke about manners, etc.


What bothers me is when teachers, parents, and adults act, dress, and speak like the children or youth. They think if they are using awesome or like or you know in every sentence that the children will like them.


At schools sometimes, you cannot even tell the teachers from the students. They are dressed in shorts, or in inappropriate clothing for a professional work environment.


Teachers! You have Bachelor degrees or even Masters! You are supposed to be an example of a professional, an authoritative figure.


Dress like a professional, not a teenager. First of all, you will have less discipline problems, but you will also receive more respect if you look , speak, and act like a professional.

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