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A new grandson, sleeping on the floor, and a beautiful moon...

Alexander with new baby brother, Greyson.

And wonderfully, Maria had him naturally instead of c-section as she had with Alexander. We are so happy to have him here finally!

The past two days were a blur as I ate, slept, and lived at OU Children's Hospital.

Maria, my daughter, had called me early Monday (2:00 am) to tell me she was in labor. Since

At 8:00 am, when we spoke again, she was still in labor, so I canceled my day class and went to pick her up. I dropped off Austin (visiting cousin), Elizabeth, and Rebeca at her home to take care of Alexander and Maria and I went to OU Children's.

She was not admitted until 3 hours later when she had progressed to a 4. She was having strong, consistent contractions and I was calculating that if she kept this up, we would have a baby sometime that night.

I had to cancel my evening Spanish class, and we kept plugging along. Maria's mother-in-law, Carrie, came to help as well as her husband, Travis.

Her father-in-law, Jonny, came, too.

Carrie is like a second mom and helped Maria so much. She massaged her, comforted her, encouraged her...just did what was needed when it was needed.

Well the baby did not come. labor and contractions continued steady, hard, and never stopping, but Maria stayed a 5 for the next 15 hours. Finally, at about 7 :00 am, they broke her water.

Things kicked in and she started progressing, but only about a centimeter every 2 hours. With some help to get the rim of her cervix open all the way, she was ready to push.

She was a valiant, STRONG pusher. She didn't give up and kept the pushes strong. Hair was seen, then the head worked out, and finally, a baby.

Our new grandson! Greyson James Randall is here. He was born at 5:25 pm. He weighed 5lbs 13 oz and is 19.7" long. He has a head full of hair.

Family and friends came. Pictures were taken. Matthew and his girlfriend, Ashley, had come to the hospital right before Maria was ready to push. Maria so graciously allowed Ashley to stay and watch the birth, which really touched Ashley's heart.

Birth is an incredible event to watch and participate in. it reminds one of God, his Creations, the creative power, the earth, nature, and to have a baby in Passover week/Easter week is amazing.

As I was driving home last night with a bone-tiredness of the past several days, I saw a huge harvest moon I's the spring equinox...moon), full, glowing orange, and hanging deep in the sky.

The moon followed me home, then as I was pulling into our long driveway and could see the soft lights bathing our home and welcoming me to a warm bed and hot bath, the moon hung directly over our home as if to remind me of God and of all the great blessings he has given me and to all His children of the earth.

I went in the house prepared to tell my children of those things and found my mom sitting on a bench in the kitchen throwing-up. Elizabeth and Austin were helping her.

She finally finished, we got her somewhat cleaned up. We had to bring her chair and wheel her back to her room as she did not have enough strength to walk.

After getting her situated, I went in to the family and we talked of the birth, the moon, and so on. The children had been outside playing in the evening under the moonlight.

Then a nice hot bath, a family prayer and scriptures, and to bed. My bed, my pillow, clean blankets...not three cushions on a flour in a hospital room. How to describe the sensation of feeling blessed beyond belief to slip into my bed.

Also knowing just how many of God's children live their wholes lives on this earth without ever having the wonderful blessing of sleeping in a bed. my, are we blessed.

This morning, I made eggs and toast for my mom, bathed her, washed her hair, and am doing laundry, computer stuff, emails, etc.

Tomorrow, we have the open house for our new church building and I have been preparing for that. This afternoon, I need to go grocery shopping, then I have class this evening. I am teaching Fito's class as he has parent-teacher conferences tonight.

May each one of you be blessed as you celebrate this time of year; of new growth, of re-birth, of remembering our many and great blessings. My prayer is that each one of you may prosper and find joy and comfort in your trials and lives.

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