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A New Christmas Tree

Six years ago when we moved to Newcastle, we lost the top of our Christmas tree. I kept thinking…it will show up, but it never did. I ended up cutting off two of the lowest branches, tying them together with wire, and then stringing new lights on them.

Then last year, the middle section of lights would not work. I tried new fuses, light bulbs, etc., however, nothing worked. I finally gave up and just strung some new lights in that section.

After Christmas, I looked and looked for a new tree. I checked online, at after Christmas sales, and so on, but I couldn’t find the type of tree I wanted for a price I could afford.

Then, this year, we were at Hobby Lobby looking for wedding stuff and wonderfully, they had their Christmas items on sale…not just on sale, but 50 percent off. I ended up buying a 9 foot tall, 4 foot wide tree for $249. The tree has pine cones, and three different types of branches, plus 900 lights. The branches are connected to the tree and it is really easy to put up. It is a beautiful tree and the lowest price I could find for the same tree last year was over $500 so I was really pleased.

I wanted the tall thinner tree so I could put the tree by the stairway and not have to put it in the living room and have to rearrange the furniture. It looks really well there and I wrapped the stairway with star lights and greenery. I also used some lace ribbon that I have saved for years.

It is really funny how you can want something for so long and when you finally get it, how much pleasure it brings you. I had plywood counters for more than six months and to this day when I run my fingers across our marble counters, I realize how blessed we are.

I love the glowing lights and sparkling of Christmas as it reminds us of the Light of the World. May each of you be blessed with finding the righteous desires of your hearts in this Christmas season.

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