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A day of work and a day of fun.

I got up at 4:30 am today and got ready quickly. I then went to pick up donuts for another fund raiser. I then drove to the Industrial and Business Breakfast at our local vocational school. A friend of mine who does drug testing was the speaker.


Came home, cleaned the kitchen, cooked, and did laundry. Worked on the computer. Took mom to her hair appointment, picked up the children from school and then went to get groceries with Rebeca and Elizabeth.


It was a very long day.


I just wanted to give you a tip. I buy bacon in the boxes that are just pieces. Then I put the whole box of bacon pieces in a large pan and cook it all at once.


I then keep the fat in a container in the fridge to use for flavoring beans, etc. I put the bacon pieces in another container to use in salads, with potatoes, etc.


Today, Friday, I went to an entrepreneur seminar all day. That is a vacation for me. I just love business stuff! And the speakers were extremely knowledgeable.


In the evening, we had a friend that brought his log splitter over and we worked on getting firewood ready for winter.

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