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A baby on the way? A reception and a birthday party...sleep...what's that?

It is 6:29 pm on Tuesday, March 26, 2013. I am at the hospital right now. Maria called me at 2:00 am and said that she was in labor. She is at 35 weeks right now and so we wanted it to stop, not progress. I told her some things she could do that might slow it down. I also told her to ask her doctor if she could take her shot (she had Xander at 34 weeks and takes weekly shots to keep her from going into labor prematurely).

Her shot was due to be taken on Wednesday, but in the morning when she spoke with the doctor she was told to just come in and be checked out before she did anything. I cancelled my morning class and drove to the hospital and we have been here ever since.

They finally admitted her around 2:00pm. She had progressed to a 4 with her cervix 90 percent effaced. However, she still was at a 4 when they checked her around 5:00 pm. She is having constant strong contractions, so right now it is a game of wait and see.

This past weekend was when she and Travis were sealed together in the Temple for “Time and all eternity”. Little Xander was sealed to them, too.

To see them all in white kneeling across the altar and see Xander in white being united with them was a great joy. One of those moments to a parent that makes all the previous sacrifices seems irrelevant and worthwhile.

Friday, I took David to the doctor as another doctor had told us he thought he had scoliosis. He has a place on his chest where the rib goes in and it appears deformed.

All week long I had been reading about scoliosis and was very worried for him. Matthew has scoliosis, but to a small degree, but with David’s chest caved in in that area, I was beginning to wonder just how bad it was.

The doctor sent us to a medical center for x-rays. Once there and after having done the paper work, it occurred to me that we had switched insurance companies and I thought this place was out-of-network. It was.

Therefore, he headed across town to a facility that was in-net-work. Again, we filled out the paper work, had him admitted for the out-patient set of x-rays when the provider informed us that we had to go to their facility downtown. The scoliosis set is such that it needs to be done at a bigger facility.

We stopped and put gas in the Suburban, bought some lunch and headed to the main hospital downtown. At least this time, no paper work. We waited for about 40 minutes, did the x-rays, waited another 20 for copies and left.

Of course, David and I wanted to see the x-rays. As soon as we were in the car we looked at them. The strange rib looked curved and out of place. We even wondered if he had an extra rib. But his spine looked completely normal.

I ended up driving to my chiropractor and he very graciously offered to look at the x-rays so we did not have to wait for days to know what was what. David does not have scoliosis. What a relief.

He does have is Pectus excavatum that is causing the rib to curve, but with adjustments, exercises, and weight training can be made better we hope.

By this time it was almost 4:30 in the afternoon. We went home and I went to work. I made 3 pans of Goulash. I also cooked 2 packages of pork, ran it through the food processor, added 2 and ½ packages of cheese and the sauce then had some of the children mix it all together. This made two huge bowls of the Pupusa mixture. This was covered with foil and put in the fridge.

I had started a Spanish Turkey that morning and it was almost ready when we got home. I had also taken a ham out of the freezer in the morning and I now cut all the skin and fat from it, added 3 cups of water to the pan, covered the whole ham and baking dish tightly with foil and put it into the oven.

I made a large pan of Spanish Rice and put 4 pounds of Black Beans on to cook with a ham bone from the freezer to give them flavor. We also heated up a #5 can of corn, drained it, and added butter, salt, and pepper.

By this time, Maria, Travis, and Xander were there. Tony, from Missouri, and a friend from Washington state (a girl…whom we like very much). Matthew (with another girl who we like a lot as well), another friend of Matthew’s, and Kathy and six of her children from Dallas, Texas. 22 of us all weekend together.

I let them have turkey, ham, goulash, corn, rice, and beans for supper, but told them to not touch any of the food on Saturday as it was for Maria and Travis’s reception/David’s birthday party. They were allowed to have some leftover homemade soup which we still had.

We decorated the house with flower arrangements. Fito also went to Sam’s and bought several treats and a cookie cake for David. I had called Wal-Mart Thursday morning and had ordered a two-tier cake for Maria. I wanted a three tier cake, but it was $125, whereas a two-tier was just $48.

After we were done at the Temple on Saturday, I picked up the cake, 2 bunches of flowers, and went home to decorate the cake with the flowers, heat up the food, and start making Pupusas.

We also had bought Bolillos or tortas, the small French type loaves, and had Spanish Cream, shredded lettuce, and diced tomatoes for Turkey sandwiches.

The reception/birthday party went very well. We did not have but maybe 50 people at it; however, it was a nice evening of good food, friends, and family.

I was so exhausted I thought I was going to collapse. My feet and back hurt. One by one, I asked different children to come in and wash something, put something away, sweep, etc.

Sunday, after church, I made the pot of beans into re-fried beans, made scrambled eggs, heated up large flour tortillas, took out the lettuce and tomatoes and made burritos. Yummy and simple.

Afterwards, I took a nap in the recliner which was incredible. I had started a fire because it was COLD outside. I slept so deeply which was just what I needed.

My aunt and uncle from Texas called while I was in the recliner and were in town and wanted to come and visit. I then went and called the children and they cleaned up the kitchen while I hurried down to my mom’s room, got her into the bathtub, and then cleaned her room.

By the time they came, everything was clean, and mom was in her Sunday best. We had a nice visit while all the older people went shooting at a friend’s house.

Monday, I put the children to do schoolwork, went to work, came back, took Tony’s friend and the little ones to the OKC Cowboy and Western Museum and then home.

The traffic was horrible coming home and we just came home in time for Fito to take her to the airport and for me to leave to go to my evening class that I teach. I had not even eaten breakfast and ended up just stopping at McDonald’s for a quick meal.

By the time class was over, my feet were swollen and I was ready for bed. Though, when I came home, Elizabeth, Rebeca, and Austin (a cousin…David went to Dallas and Austin stayed with us) were playing a game. They wanted to play the game twister and wanted me to spin the board. They had a great deal of fun. They kept getting twisted up together and falling down. It didn’t help that Elizabeth was always putting an arm or leg under or over one of them.

And today I am here in the hospital.

I keep wondering when life will slow down, when will I have time to sleep.

Actually, I have been waiting and wondering that for 29 years now…hummm I guess I will catch up in the resurrection.

Nevertheless, I would not give up my children, my husband, my busy life, my home for all the sleep and extra time that someone else might have.

These blessing require time and effort, but bring great joy and happiness.

May each of you be blessed with the righteous desires of your hearts.

(Will add update on Maria as things progress…)

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