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8 states in 26 hours.

Quickly, because we must leave in a little bit, I will try to catch up for the past two days.


We left Ohio, Thursday morning and headed east on 70. We arrived at West Virgina several hours later then drove on through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, then fianially...YEA...New York.


We had driven through Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana during the night. 8 states in 26 hours of driving. Over 1500 miles. through rain and fog...ha, at least no sleet or snow.


We saw a Wal-mart when we were close to our destination, so we stopped to purchase milk, cereal, and sandwich stuff. Earlier, I had taken a large pan of Goulash out of the cooler so it would be de-thawed by the time we reached New York.


We called Sheldon (where we were staying) and he gave me directions to his mom's house. We drove that way, but then got lost. We then put the address into the GPS and it took us to the wrong town.


We called Sheldon again, he gave us new directions and we headed off again. Just then maria called and said the Newcastle police had called and were looking for her. i called the house, my mom answered and said the police were with her right now.


She said she was okay but was afraid because it was lightening and thundering. She then asked me why i wasn't at home. i asked to speak to the officer and they said that my mom had tried to call someone and had mis-dialed.


The woman then called the police department. The young adult girl who is staying with my mom showed up just after the police had arrived. It was only 8 pm when she called and it hadn't started storming yet.


I then called Maria back and told her Mom was okay and she could just go home, that she did not need to go to our house.


I then told her to take a large piece of paper, write our numbers on it in large print, and tape it right beside my Mom's phone. Older people become more like children as they age. you have to do many of the things that you would do with a child to reassure them and help them feel safe.


The drive was long, but the crew did surprisingly well. I think they have been more cranky since arriving than on the trip. We had to give them a lecture yesterday because they were complaining about what we were doing.


I have to go, today is graduation...will add more later...

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