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$2500 stolen...what a week!

Well, a very long week has gone by. It started with the death of our friend’s child and it just kept dragging and continuing. Monday morning, after I had not slept at all on Sunday night, I went to work.


I had told my class I would make them Pupusas so they could see how they were done.I took everything to class and made them. I then went to my next class out at Tinker, then home. I spent the afternoon on the phone planning meals and other needed services, did Landry for the family, then went on to my evening class.


Tuesday was much the same, except that I made Pupusas for my evening class. I also took Rebeca with me to class, as Fito took the older children to the Temple for the evening. She sat quietly and just drew.


One interesting note is that while I was making the Pupusas (and the students were working on practice GED tests, a Spanish woman entered the room. She questioned me as to where another classroom was in the building.


I told her where to go, when one of the students asked me, “Hey, Dr. Tammy, how did she know you spoke Spanish?” I then realized, she had indeed, spoken to me in Spanish. This is the first time that has happened as people always address me in English. Was it the Pupusas?


Wednesday, the same: work, making phone calls, arranging things. I did make a Spanish Turkey for the family and Elizabeth made mashed potatoes.Thursday was the same, except after class I met Matthew, some of his friends, Maria and Alexander, and the four younger children at Chili’s for lunch.


It was Matthew’s birthday. We had such a nice afternoon being together, teasing him, and probably being too noisy for other patrons. I kept telling my children to not be too loud, but some of them simply do not listen to me.


I was going to clean the family’s car this afternoon, but after the lunch I ended up doing some paper work for the college that I had to turn in.This whole week I have been working in the early mornings with David on his Geometry. I finally am learning it after 30 years.


That is one good thing about homeschooling, especially if you love to learn. You keep learning alongside of your children.


In the evening, toward the end of my computer class, Fito called me. He was frantic and asking me where I had put his suits. I had taken them that afternoon to the dry cleaner as the funeral was Saturday. I did not know which suit he was going to wear, and as I had not cleaned them for a while, I just took them all.


He then informed me that he had hidden money in the suits. We had just sold a trailer and he had the cash. He didn’t want me to find it so he hid it in the suits. One of the suits, I actually missed taking-- so thankfully, we did not lose all the money, but we did lose $2500.


After class, I drove to the dry cleaners and saw a phone number for their security company. I called the company, gave them my cell phone number and he passed it on to the owner. The owner called me and then met me at his company. We looked through the suits, but did not find the money.The clothes had not been cleaned yet and were still in the sacks.


It had to be the owner (he arrived before I did and already knew which sacks the clothes were in, or it was the woman who received the clothes. She had looked through the pockets and found some tissues and a card, but I do not know if she felt the money and just waited for me to leave to get it, or if it was the owner that found it.


I do know that when I went to pick up the clothes on Friday afternoon that she had just had highlights added to her hair. She also had on all new clothes and was wearing new shoes. Coincidence? Who knows?


I did tell her that the money was cursed and she asked why. I said that my husband had been unemployed for almost a year and we were going to use the money to pay bills. That one of the bills was tithing and that in the Spanish culture if you steal from a church or charity it puts a curse on the money.


I actually feel sorry for whoever took it or anyone who does that type of thing. First of all, they cannot trust people because they think everyone is like them. Second, they have to lie and remember who they lied to, what they lied about, etc….that is too much to remember for me. Lastly, they will not be blessed and therefore, have turned down the richer blessings they could have from God for material goods which rust and corrupt.


The other thing is that after having seen the loss of a child, made it seem so irrelevant. Yes, we really did need it, but at the same time, it is just money and can be replaced. I learned long ago that when a window is closed...a door opens.


Friday, I did not have to work and met some of my students for lunch. I took Rebeca with me and we had a great time. Afterwards we did some errands and then came home to do school work. I did take a much needed nap. It had been such a long week.


Saturday was the funeral and it was a very nice one. They did a good job explaining that the spirit is eternal and separate from the physical body, which is mortal.We believe the spirit and body together are the soul of man and through Christ all men will one day be resurrected, which means that their spirit and body will be united forever and it will be perfect…no sickness, no sorrow, and so on.


We also believe that families are eternal and that once we have been married in the Temple that our children, through covenants, and through the atonement of Christ are sealed to us for all eternity.


In other words, the family unit is in heaven.Since their son was so young and below the age of accountability (understanding sin) he is saved through the atonement of Christ and automatically will be exalted and reunited with his family in the next life.


For more of an explanation of what I believe go to my academic link and read a philosophy paper I wrote for school. It is called Human Nature.


After the funeral, we had a family dinner for the family and friends. There were so many people that brought food, that helped set up tables, stayed and cleaned up, did things for the family, took the children out for an afternoon, bought the mother a new dress, bought their little boy a new suit to be buried in, cleaned, washed clothes, comforted, prayed, cried with, wrote poems or notes, invoked blessings…


I could go on and on.We even had so much food leftover from the funeral (after sending home many dishes with the family) that I called a friend of mine that is always doing service. I asked her if she knew any families that needed food. She and her husband were actually on their way to the church to pick up a check to go and buy food.


I gave them all the leftover food to take to 3 different families, whom they said were out of food. So much service this week. Thank you to all those individual who serve.


Whether it is just a smile or complementing someone, or stopping to help a stranger stranded on the highway…there are a thousand ways to serve. Thank you to each one of you for each act, each sacrifice that you make to benefit others and the world.


Sometimes it seems that we only hear the bad things that go on in the world, but I see the wonderful acts of love and service every day. We truly do live on a wonderful earth and there are so many good and strong and valiant people today on the earth. You are not alone. Remember you are loved. You have worth. And know that I and many others appreciate all that you do.





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