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The outside pictures were all taken in our backyard.

My husband, Felipe, and David built the gazebo and dock.

This is the gazebo decorated for the Wedding. The lake we share with several neighbors.

After the ceremony.

Maria and Matthew.

Our new puppies. Azul is lying down and Jacque is eating.

This is our miniature horse--Thunder. And he is called Thunder for a good reason. If he gets loose, he is gone! Just last week we came home from church to find a note from one of our neighbors that said your horse is at our house. We went to pick him up and they had him in their backyard! They had grabbed his bridle and then had led him through their front door, through their house, and then out the back door so he would be corralled. You don't get better neighbors than that!

Easter 2010. How did the big children get so many eggs? Didn't they hide them? Hum?

Hey Thunder...did you see where they hid the eggs?

Rebeca and Elizabeth.

Those of you who knew us in Kansas. Yes, these are the same bricks that we had in our backyard there. We brought as many bricks, rocks, and plants that we could. We are crazy gardeners!!

This was for David's birthday. We usually do not have a "fancy" meal, but the cousins were visiting and the little girls wanted to use the "pretty plates". My mom who lives with us is at the lower right in the photo.

This is one of our famous Oklahoma ice storms. The reason the weather is so crazy here (we had 38 tornadoes in just the past 2 weeks, and lots of hail) is that we are in the center of the US. The warm air from the gulf moves up and meets the cooler air coming from the west and north...and that creates havoc. Many times it is raining at evening and then the cold air comes down and it freezes. Also, Oklahoma is the only place I have lived where there was lightening and thunder in the middle of a blizzard. So why live here? Great people!! Lots of cheap land!

The ice storms are dangerous, but they are also one of the most beautiful vistas ever. The ice covers everything and glistens and it is as if you entered a crystal fairy land.

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