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We used reclaimed tile for the roof ( in other words, tile a contractor friend took off someone elses roof and we went with our trailer and hauled piece by piece, stacked in the backyard, and then moved it by wagon and wheel barrow to put it around the house for the roofers).

The stucco is done. The roof still is not finished, but it is really close...

The roof over the car port is still missing a piece of metal that blew off, and then we will add tile to the edge. This area of the house that has the 3 arches is the section we added on for my mom. It is about 1800 sf. It used to be the driveway.

The middle section of the back. The bricks for the patio, we brought with us from Kansas. We collected them through the years from city dumps, etc. They are old bricks made in Caney, Coffeyville...Kansas.

The patio is surrounded by an herb garden and yes, that is an outdoor fireplace which is really fun to have.

In the foreground, is Fito's vegetable garden. We can lots of salsa from what he grows each year. now you can see the south side of the back. The section with the chimney is the living room and the small section to its left is the Master bedroom.

We used different tile on these two sections. The blue plastic covers our winter wood pile.

This is the front, taken from the south. The grey on the walls and roof is slate...that we got from the same contractor friend.

This is in the back. This is Mom's section. We added the carport after the tornado from materials we reclaimed from our neighbor's barn that blew over. He didn't want it, so Fito and the boys spent several days, collecting the metal and wood, pulling screws and nails out and bringing it here.

The shed to the left had a huge tree come down on it. The shed next to it was destroyed and this whole area where the animals are was destroyed. Fito and the boys redid this whole area. The chain link fence came from a different neighbor (his blew over and he did not want it).

Two other sheds needed repair and new roofs as well, as trees came down on them, too.

This gives you an idea of what we still have to do. We have 2 plus acres that are wooded and we almost had clean when the tornado hit. They are now filled with debris, downed trees and branches. Little by little we will get the woods clean.

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