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More Household Hints for Cleaning and Organizing.

Wallets and Purses

This past week, I took Felipe to take his driving test. He passed, and as we entered the car to head for home, I noticed that he needed a wallet for his license.

We then went from store to store looking for the right wallet.

Later in the week, I bought a laptop and realized that I no longer have the desire to carry a purse as well as a laptop case.

I took time yesterday at the mall and found a large leather purse that also had a compartment with foam that holds a laptop.

When I came home, my laptop was too large, but then I noticed that it was because the purse on the side came in at an angle.

I took a pair of sharp scissors and cut a slit on the inside where the angle was. The edge of the purse now opened more and now the laptop fits!

Today, I will take two small pieces of leather and "patch" the slit that I made.

This purse is an organizational wonder. There are mesh pockets with zippers, small pockets, large pockets, four pockets on the outside, and two main compartments on the inside.

In my other purse, I had to carry little bags; one with lip stuff, one for pencils, pens, markers, one for papers, the checkbook, and so forth.

This new purse is incredible, because I have a place for everything...and everything is in its place.

The organizational rule of all rules.

Car Trunk

After all the ice and snow, my car was filthy. I stopped at a car wash (one, where they do the work) and started cleaning the Suburban out so they could clean it.

I was throwing umbrellas, cables, bungee cords, tools, anti-freeze, ice defroster, etc, and etc. into piles when I realized I had a mess.

I thought, "Why haven't I ever organized the car?"

A few days later, I went to a store and purchased several clear plastic bins with lids that snap on tightly.

I put the gloves, caps, smaller tools, and smaller umbrellas in one.

Another had the rope, bungees, and cables.

I used a cardboard box I found in the pantry and put all the chemicals and emergency lamp in it.

I still need to find a longer, narrower box or bin for the full size umbrellas.

Yea! It is so nice now! I can't believe I never thought of that before. Now I need to do the same to my Mom's trunk...

Keep a box of cleaning or baby wipes in your car.

I had to wait today in the car, and cleaned the dash, a door, and the area in between the seats while I was waiting (...and listening to politics).

This way, little by little, you can detail your car.

When potting a plant, put a coffee filter in the bottom where the hole is. This way the water drains, but you do not lose your soil.

To get gum out or off something,simply spray it with WD40 directly on the gum. Then use a paper towel to press the gum in to it.

This works on carpet, clothing, hair, etc. WD40 also can be used to remove soap scum on a glass shower door or to remove the gummy, sticky stuff left from a label.

People are always asking me about how to decorate your house. Also, about finding space for things and managing clutter.

One simple step to begin is to purchase a small tape measure and measure all the small areas in your home where you could add a table, a bookshelf, a corner shelf, a baker's cabinet, etc.

Then carry these measurements with you along with the small tape measure.

As you go to garage sales, flea markets, and so on, as you see a cabinet, dresser, etc. you then can measure it and see if it will fit where you would like it to.

It is almost always cheaper to find a used piece of furniture...usually cheaper than even the lumber itself.

Then as you add the piece, determine what items will go there and put them in it, nice and organized.

Now some of your clutter has a new home.

For example, I was hired one time to help a new mom organize a small apartment.

The kitchen was extremely small, but the dining room was large so I went to used furniture stores, thrift stores, and more.

I found two large tall cabinets with shelves on the inside behind doors.

We put all the canned goods in one and all the dry goods in another. That gave her more room, gave her a pantry, but the stuff was hidden.

This can be done in any room.

Cleaning Stairs

I was out of Clorox wipes and so I used Pamper's Baby Wipes to clean the carpeted staircase (part wood/part carpet). Then I used them to clean a rug.

Wow! They not only cleaned the hair, dirt, dust, stains, etc. They left the carpet soft and the wood shiny.

They are great for cleaning!

I don't vacuum...I just sit at the top stair and use is as though I am cleaning, shampooing, sweeping, vacuuming, and dusting all at the same time.

I go from step to step and clean the wood parts, the metal railing, the carpeted parts (while I am listening to music or politics) and finish quickly.


For your information, we use heavy duty aluminum foil (which I buy at Sam's in an industrial roll, which by the way, lasts about 2 years and is MUCH MUCH cheaper than buying small rolls throughout the it is better foil) to line the grill, which cooks the chicken without burning it.

Cleaning Tub

I use the Olay Facial Wipes when taking a bath. Then one day, I used the "used" wipe and cleaned the sides of the tub as the water was draining. They are the best cleaning wipes ever. The have a coarseness that really gets the oil and soap scum. It's great, when we get two uses out of one item.

Menthol and Camphor

Use a menthol and camphor type ointment on mosquito bites. It really stops the itchiness.

It is also great for hemorrhoids.

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