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The Fastest Way to Clean a Bathroom


The JIT philosophy is one of flow (see below). Have all the necessary cleaning materials in each workstation (bathroom). That way you have made the flow easier by having everything, you need at your disposal, and you do not have to go to the kitchen or another bathroom to retrieve items.

· Toilet brush

· Toilet cleaner

· Paper towels

· Glass cleaner

· Shower cleaner

· Lemon furniture oil or polish if you have glass shower doors (nothing cleans the soap scum better off the doors)

· Baby wipes or cleaning wipes


Minimize is also a key concept of JIT and TQM. Minimize scrap, rework, and delays. In the home organization this means prevention. As you prevent small messes from becoming large messes you minimize work, rework, and delays in having work completed in a timely fashion. The following slides are ways to minimize work.


Wipe the bowl or seat off with a piece of toilet paper after use when necessary .

(Okay, Moms and Dads HAVE to teach boys to do this...and sometimes Moms have to even teach Dads!!! Give them treats, make a chart with stars, get creative, but insist they learn to wipe their dribbles away (on walls, too) this will save you years and years of work...believe me...I have six sons, but my bathroom stays cleaner than most people's, simply because of this one habit that my husband and I have enforced rigerously).


Wipe out the sink with a paper towel to clean hair, tooth paste, etc. (Good habit to teach, too, even when we stay somewhere we take a tissue, etc. and clean the shower/bath/sink after we use it).


Wipe off chrome, mirror, for a quick clean look.


Dry off in shower before exiting the shower, even your feet. It keeps the mats dryer and cleaner longer.


Use baby/cleaning wipes to clean the floor, (I'm lazy!!! There is no need to sweep and mop. They pick up hair, etc. easy and fast--leaves a shine.


Do not turn the faucet on full strength. It prevents splatters on the mirrors and chrome. (This is soooo simple, but incredibly, it really makes a difference...even at your church or business!)


Do not brush teeth with mouth wide open or super close to mirror—it prevents splatters on mirror. (It seems dumb, but this habit, too, can save you having to clean the mirror as often. It is the same principle as teaching your children to open a door with the handle instead of pushing on the glass. When they push the glass, I point out their handprints, clean the door with glass cleaner, and then have them practice opening the door without leaving a handprint on it.)


The whole point is to MINIMIZE the cleaning time required by beginning a FLOW of habits that reap great rewards.

This is the business STUFF or concept/principle behind what I do.

Objectives: At the end of the session, the trainees will be able to:

  • Define the Just-In Time (JIT) philosophy.

  • Recognize areas where JIT can be implemented in the home organization.

  • Demonstrate JIT procedures used in cleaning the bathroom.


The Just-In Time philosophy of inventory management is clear:

  • Strive for a level of zero inventories.

  • Produce items at the rate required by the customer.

  • Eliminate all unnecessary lead-times.

  • Reduce setup costs to achieve the smallest economical lot size—ideally, a quantity of one.

  • Optimize material flow from suppliers, through the production process, to the point of sale of the finished product, so that inventories are minimized.

  • Ensure high quality and dependable “Just-In-Time” delivery from suppliers.

  • Implement a Total Quality Management (TQM) program, which will minimize scrap, rework, and resultant delays in production.

  • Minimize safety stocks, (Inventory, 1999, p. 2).

The JIT delivery combined with a TQM program covers all the areas that any organization should cover. Each area should be checked for efficiency and error.

Then JIT and TQM could either be implemented, along with their standards, or the group could use the systems only as guides for implementing their own strategies.

Therefore, the recommendation is that the home manager should resolve any conflicts first, then work with the employees (children) together, on a solution for the mutual gain of all involved.


I have scrubby gloves...anyway, that's what I call them. You can purchase them at a variety of stores.

They are with the bath products and are for using in a shower or bath for washing the body.

I keep one pair for cleaning. After I am done bathing, I put on this pair, squirt some soap in my hands and then quickly scrub the length of the tub.

I use baby oil in my bath water each day, as I have extremely dry skin, and it is the only way I have found that keeps my skin from flaking and itching. However, baby oil in the bath usually means a dirty, oily tub.

The gloves are great for cleaning and keeps the oil and dirt from creating the film. A real quick and easy preventive to keep from having tons of soap scum mess later on.


To clean the bathroom. Simply start up high and work down.

Spray the shower with a cleaner that works well on soap scum and put cleaner in the toilet bowl.

Let these set while you clean the counter, mirrors, and faucets with glass cleaner and paper towels.

I always use paper towels as they save time because there is no need to rinse.

Finish shower and bowl. I use a luffa sponge to clean the shower- it really works!

Then use glass cleaner and paper towels (or wipes) on rest of stool.

Use wipes to quickly sweep, mop, and clean floor in one step.

I also clean the floor trim with the wipes and the front of the cabinets.

If you are using all the MINIMIZE steps, the total cleaning will only have to be done every two-three weeks as the bathroom will pretty much stay clean.

A daily shower or stool spray is also a great minimizer.

Homemade Shower Spray

Keep a squeegee in the shower or a shower spray.

After your shower, quickly spray or squeegee down the walls and doors to keep them nice and clean.

My friend Alice, makes her own spray:

Homemade Shower Spray


1 teaspoon of Jet Dry (for Dishwashers) with

1 Tablespoon of your preferred all-purpose disinfectant cleaner.

Make sure the cleaner is one that impedes the growth of mildew.

Put them in a quart spray bottle, then fill it up with water.

(Just make sure the two cleaners are compatible).

I also keep a quart spray bottle that I fill with water and a teaspoon of bleach. This bottle I use to spray any mildew that starts to grow. If you teach all the family members to spray it just as it first begins to grow…it never gets out of hand.


Teach each child to take a wad of toilet paper and wipe around the toilet seat each time they go to the bathroom. This little habit will make cleaning so much easier as it prevents messes from building up in the first place.

Make it part of potty training so they grow up thinking it is just a normal everyday task.

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