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Still sick.

Today is Sunday, January 16, and I should be in church right now, but I got hit with the strep throat last night. Felipe also ran a fever for most of the day, yesterday.


Thank goodness they don't have school tomorrow. Perhaps we will all feel better by Tuesday.


I made 19 loaves of


Yesterday, I felt fine during the day and accomplished several things, but by the afternoon I felt poorly.


Friday, I spent the morning calling the phone company and working with tech guys. Somehow, it appears that my Internet had been changed (I have DSL) to a lower speed, unbeknownst to me. That is why I could not upload the video to You Tube. They did speed testing and as I have copper wire coming into the house, their fastest Internet will not work as well as it would if it was fiber optics.


However, it still would be faster than the next lower so I told they to go ahead a set it to the highest. What a difference! It was immediate. I was able to upload the video (of me making


I did laundry and did some cleaning, on Thursday evening, but I still do not have the energy level that I normally have.


I recently read a book on the civil war and there are several places where the book talks about the nursing care that was required to the injured and to the sick.


They also didn't have indoor plumbing, electricity, antibiotics, and so forth. The care required much sacrifice and was hard physically. It was intense and sickness lasted much longer.


Last night, I sent Maria and Travis to McDonald's because nothing sounded good and I did not want to cook. Think about days before fast food! Boy, am I glad that I live in these times!


Oh, I just wanted to share that Rebeca and Elizabeth have been making paper dolls. They cut out scrap book paper for dresses, purses, and such and color in the hair and so forth. They have spent hours doing that are are both quite creative. My mom told them that as a little girl it was their one main recreation. (And her poor mom didn't have a copy machine to make more copies!!)

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